I went hiking last Saturday to get some fresh air and connect with nature. See the canvas-like view from the top of the mountain!

But this view is totally unplanned.

Why? because something surprising happened; Originally we chose a hiking trail and planned to take a bus to the start point at entrance A, and the trail is like this: A>>B>>C.

But there was a marathon happening around the area (which we weren’t aware of) so the entrance was blocked, and the bus threw us off at point D !!!

At that pivotal point, we had 3 choices.

Option 1: We choose to start at where we were dropped (aka point D), which is not far from the end of that trail, and take the route BACKWARDS. Or

Option 2: We can pick a totally new path, and enjoy the adventure, uncertainty and new possibilities. Or

Option 3: Take the same bus back and go home!

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball, without warning.

No matter how sophisticated your planning was, it has no more use value at that point.

But when you have your inner GPS activated in life, you can ALWAYS figure out a new path.

In fact, a detour might give you a delightful surprise! You could meet people you’ve never met, discovered talents you’ve never realised, and get trained to become stronger in an important life skill.

Have you found your inner GPS to guide you through your life and career decisions?

Imagine you were lost in the middle of nowhere with no compass, map, internet nor GPS. How dangerous could it be??!

Well, you don’t have to. Your core values and desires are YOUR INNER GPS. You always have them within you. You simply have too many unnecessary items in your backpack that hide them away.

Eager to connect with your inner GPS and create a career you love?

Here’s a wonderful exercise I used in my career coaching session that I adapted from the book, The Artist Way, by Julia Cameron:

1. Imagine you have 5 Imaginary Lives to lead. Money is no option. Your only goal is to have fun — like — to have a REALLY joyful and carefree time with your life. Name your 5 lives.

2. Then pick one. And ask yourself why that life would be soooo awesome?

3. Ask yourself or get a friend to ask you (better) 7 TIMES OF WHY to get to the core of your emotion/ feeling of why this life would be awseome to you.

It could get difficult and annoying on the 4th or 5th one, but hang in there!

Example: It would be cool to become a travel journalist.

1st: Why? So I can get paid to travel!

2nd: Why would that matter to you? Because I LOVEEE travelling

3rd: Why travelling? So I can explore, visit new places and learn about

other cultures

4th: Why is that important? Because I think I might have been an

Egyptian/a Chinese in a past life

5th: Why? I’m drawn to these ancient cultures, history, language,

mythology and I feel connected and so intrigued with learning more

about them

6th: Why is that important to you? So I feel I’m connected to my

source of wisdom.

7th: Why would that matter? Because that makes me feel I am

complete. I have something to teach, something to

share with others. <<< This your deepest why for this imaginary life.

4. Then, after you’ve found your deepest desire, find a tiny little action you can take towards bringing that energy into your current day reality NOW and improve your everyday satisfaction.

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