It took some time

To build that fort

You know

The red one

Protecting a nation

Safety first

Analogous to the walls

The walls we build

We build around

Around ourselves

How did they even live up there?

Away from reality?

Away from pain?

The wealth and riches

Of a nation


Stored away

For future lovers to explore

For future children to grow

Who was it walking through the courtyard?

What philosophical nonsense created such a gem

Created such a legacy

For isn’t that what we all strive for?

A legacy

To leave the world a better place?

Or simply to be remembered

A name uttered at the dinner table

A story written in a history book

A picture etched on a wall

But I’m sure

The king

And I’m sure

The prince

Did not aim to create a legacy


Living absolutely

In the present

Living absolutely

Like royalty

Of their time

For the desire to create a legacy is a distraction

The legacy itself is being created

By you

Through you

For you

So live like royalty

Of your time

And let the fort be built naturally

By you

Through you

For you