The importance of being there for your children as a parent can be so important in the development of a child. At a young age they tend to remember every moment in their childhood, which can affect them in many ways. Pro basketball player Roman Perez has shared his passion with his daughter Leia Perez, and together they are shining in their respective journeys.

Passing on knowledge is something that 12 yr veteran Perez is doing with his daughter. She started her training at age 6, when she asked her father if she can train with him after watching him do his daily home workout routine. Filled with joy the mission started, and together they would now overcome their obstacles.

From outdoor trainings to working out in the school, together they have been consistent. In the beginning it wasn’t easy because training a child you need to have lots of patience. But with time, Leia would show the world who she really is.

Currently Leia Perez is an active student athlete, and has played from 3rd to 6 grade. Due to the current pandemic with covid 19, patience for her upcoming school season to start. In the meantime, continuation of hard work at home and learning the game more by watching basketball games and playing basketball video games to build iq as well.

When the time comes, Roman Perez will make sure that his daughter Leia Perez will be ready for the call.