Women are winged creatures.

Take Nike, the Greek goddess of Victory. She is winged.

Their offspring are winged on occasion. Take Eros, that beautiful, chubby little winged love god, son of goddess Aphrodite.

So why do women are on the back seat or at best the next-to-the-driver seat in our, supposedly modern, society?

A Joan Crawford film has the answer as to the “Why”.

In the 1946 American drama “Humoresque”, Helen Wright (Joan Crawford) says to her violinist protegĂ© and future lover, Paul Boray (John Garfield)

“I don’t know how you men get that way, but, every time you meet an attractive woman, you begin to plan how to club her wings down”.

Paul protests that he is different. Helen faces his mother who is against their union (she is twice divorced, soon to be thrice).

Rejected by his mother, and driven by her own guilt, Helen ends her life in the ocean.

The metaphor is striking. Men always and invariably want to tame women by using physical attraction (“f…ing” is an insult in mainstream vocabulary, remember) and childbearing, or any other way they can.

Women fall prey to their own feelings for men, as well as their conditioning, usually by the mother figure in their lives, while for men it is always and remains about sexual domination.

An employer of mine repeatedly declared his thoughts about women as follows: “Thank God you women are sentimental and have the hormones of the menstrual cycle. Otherwise, you’ve been created so strong, you’d have beaten the heck out of us!”

That was an a-ha moment for me. So was Crawford’s confirmation.

Lesson nr. 1

Never let your feelings over a man get the better of you over your better judgement. It is probably a male scheme to get you tamed and club your wings.

Fly girl! You are a Woman!