Promoboi has truly become an inspiration to many other youngsters who wish to replicate success like him in the world of music.

Music inspires people live happy life and this rapper is doing that from many years.

Over the years, the rise of certain individuals and professionals have made us wonder what could have been the reasons behind their exponential growth in their respective industries. There are multiple factors behind this, but no one can deny that immense love, passion and perseverance act as a magic potion for individuals who wish to earn their definition of success, be it in any field. This stands true also for professionals in the music industry of the world, where even amidst much competition and saturation, a handful of people have gone ahead in creating their unique niche. One name that has been buzzing high lately in the American music scene is PromoBoi

Originally Nigel Bond and now popularly known as PromoBoi, is a rising rapper and record producer across the US, who has totally surrendered to the world of music and now has become one of the most sought-after music producers, especially in LA as he has been able to collaborate with several prominent names of the industry like PnB Rock, Tory Lanez, Mila J, and many others.

Born in 1995 in Philadelphia, dropped out of high school in his 11th grade as very early he understood his passion for music and hence, diverted all his attention towards making songs. He would make CDs and hand them out at school, persuading students that the songs were sung by artists like Rihanna, Ne-Yo, etc. This earned him massive recognition, and he later even got the opportunity to shoot music videos for several performers. This opportunity landed him with many job prospects as he could travel the world and work along with many top names of the industry.

At the beginning of his career, apart from being a passionate music director and producer, he even showed his prowess as a radio DJ. In 2010, he signed his first recording contract with Slip N Slide Records and today have joined hands with the AWAL label. He is so far produced and co-written five super hits, which has topped the Billboard charts.

His mixtape series titled “Take Care Forever” is the trilogy of tapes, which led him to collaborate with the AWAL label. “Braxton”, his debut single, touched the right chords of listeners, earning over 500K plays on Soundcloud and Apple Music combined. In 2014, he also turned into entrepreneurship by initiating his own record label named “Mindset Records”.

Apart from all this, has spread his wings in many other niches by using his music earnings and invested in several start-up businesses, like seafood restaurants, commercial real estate and online businesses. He has truly become an inspiration to many other youngsters who wish to replicate success like him in the world of music.