Christmas and New Year holidays are always special…Family, friends, relatives, and neighbors call and visit each other to wish and exchange sweets and gifts. For me, Christmas and New Year holidays is the time for our annual family gathering. It’s all about celebrations, delicious food and relishing mouthwatering homemade sweets made by my grandma. but last holiday season changed my perspective towards life completely.

Last year, during Christmas  holidays, I factually decided to reorient my mind, my thinking and tried to get rid of the anxiety (personal and professional) which was certainly impacting my life in a major way. The main problem was my negative thinking pattern. It was unquestionably a tussle; because I was not obviously somebody who sees the positive aspect of most of the things in life easily and was by no means educated to do so. But then it was my grandma who made me realize that the way we contemplate really is just a matter of choice.

My grandma- I call her “Nani” – a remarkable woman, I really want to say remarkable, because I, in fact cannot catch ample words to define how marvelous she is. She is an expansive amalgamation of strength, wisdom, love, and, primarily, an optimist. She deliberately attempts to focus on the positive traits in her life on a regular, day-to-day basis. Intentionally picking to look at the positive side is the secret of her prolonged existence, I believe. She absolutely encourages me to be a positive individual,

You have to look for the positive in every person or situation deliberately and I must say the gigantic influence of positive thinking has surprised me in many astonishing ways. From physical health to intensified spiritual awareness I have seen expansions in every extent of my life.

Here are the three valuable lessons I learnt from persistent positive thinking-

Positivity Can Improve Your Health:

It is problematic to love yourself and mark positive deviations when you are at ease with your negative attitude towards life, making excuses and assigning blame to everyone. A year ago, I was suffering from migraine, taking painkillers regularly. I was always annoyed and drained. I realized that this negative thinking habit of mine is not helping me in any ways and it has to be changed. I started scanning my negative thinking habit. I shifted my focus and instigated with meditation. I nudged my unhealthy eating routines. Within a few months, I started feeling better. I do not survive on painkillers now. A heartfelt craving to eat healthy and contemplate in a positive manner supported me massively.

Positive Thinking Imparts Self-love:

Positive self talk changes your philosophy and opinions a lot. I no longer care and try to fix everything what other people say or think about me. I have realized that the thoughts and ideas of others have zero to do with me. I do not dwell into a negative state instantaneously, in case of any unpredicted event and that is purely wonderful.

Eloquent and Expressive Relationships:

When you love yourself, you ultimately share that love and affection with others. Positive thinking marks domino effect. You start finding positive alterations in present and existing relationships. You start drawing other positive folks into your life because you now understand that self-respect and confidence is no longer dependent on others opinion.

These valuable lessons I learnt from my grandma will remain with me life long. Well, I still frequently have to remind myself to look at the bright side; consciously. There are still times when I brawl to perceive the positive aspects in life but then I have also realized that no situation, inspirations or any misfortune can make you think negatively. It is a mindset which you have to create, a conscious practice which you have to follow, not by dodging negativity, but by merely deciding on to catch and pay attention on the positive traits of any and every condition.

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  • Prachi is a fashion designer by profession. Apart from designing she loves writing and in her spare time, takes freelance writing projects. She writes for various health, fashionlifestyle and home decor websites. She also writes for a published magazine.