We’ve heard of them. We have seen them. Songs were written about them. And, yet, we continue to ask ourselves that quesion. . .what is it about the color red, which houses the deepest secrets of women? What is it about those women, who wear red, not only as a fabric, but in connection to their persona, matriculation through life, and their nagivation of Earthly planes? The complexity of the color, red, is that while it garnishes secrecy, it also reveals truth. Again, truth is. . .healing! Because it reveals the hidden, healing is required. The color red, forces women to explore hidden secrets and past pains. Forcing re-exploration of those pains, so that they are no longer, haunting. Allowing women to stand courageously, in their womanhood. And, stand in it, well.

How the color, red, presents life’s complexities, is a quick glitter of woman’s mysterious ability to heal, and restore herself. It creates a momentary paradox between the existence of secrecy, and how it erodes us from the inside. Only if it is left. . .unhealed.

The color red is audacious. While it illuminates an inviting secrecy, it is also bold. Boisterous and nurturing, in its every demeanor. Simultaneously, it secretly represents vulnerabilities. Those are only shown by women, who venture into solitude. As in the dark, is where truth is revealed. One of the intricacies of those ladies in red, who travel that lonely path, is that red forces honesty when they are truly in the darkest of confines. Now, you have to be careful because there are also those illusions of truth. Those individuals, who pretend that they are in a space of honesty, and that they are truly at the brink of their vulnerabilities. They were a mask, and pretend that they are on that journey. In the truest haven of red is a special place. It is a space where those few see you for who you are. It is also a peaceful space, where our ladies of red reveal their secrets. Exposing their weaknesses. In this regard, allure cannot hide one from one’s current circumstances. In the essence, of a truthful red, women are forced to look at their current circumstances for what they are. Accept them. Change them, if you desire.

Returning back to the literary treasure, Bittersweet Brooklyn, Thelma Adams, one becomes more posed to divulge further into the character of Thelma Lorber. A, young, Jewish maiden, who is faced with the harsh realities of seeing disarray in her cultural garden. There are many different layers to this piece. In the earlier narration of Thelma Lorber’s existence, we witness a young woman, who ensures that she is enjoying the fun life of New York City (in her feminine, Jewish image)-even if she has witnessed a painful existence, of one Jewish reality in the early 1900’s of the Big Apple. She goes out, has fun. Wears the attire, safeguarding the desirability, and mystery, of her womanhood. She is the lady in red, who will have to come to terms with her present reality. Does she like what she sees?

To the women, willing to come to terms with our red secrets, do you like who you see? Can you stand tall when your rubies are truly worn?

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There is one particular incident in the book, which connects her red truth to a haunting reality. One that is neither pretty or as danty as the social, night life, she entertains. This reality is brought to the reader’s attention, during one of the initial stages of the protagonist’s journey. And, it greatly connects to what is previously mentioned, concerning those red dames, being forced to grapple with truth; when they are in a confinement of vulnerability. From that point on, Thelma Lorber is never the same. It is there when she continues on her existence of going on a deeper journey, as a lady of red.

Quite honestly, it didn’t take the actual wearing of red, by Thelma Lorber, to know that she is truly a. . . lady in red. Please know that not every woman, who wears red, embodies that aura. Some have not gone onto their own red journey. Not yet, anyhow. Which is why a person has to go deeper, into a more in-depth layer, of their mental psyche, for recognition. Once women become, ladies of red, is when you will feel their truth, amplified. The way in which Thelma Adams writes Thelma Lorber, shows how she is truly . . .a lady in red. The different scenarios, where she is placed, is indicative of such. How Thelma, moves. How she is observant, and carries the secret of truth, in her Spirit from a very young age, is evident of her. . .red aura. As a little girl, the protagonist highlights the mystery of children, and their ability to. . .see all. That mystery is aligned with truth, unless it has been manipulated or tampered with, by adults wishing to exploit children, in the spread of lies. Thelma Adams has brought a unique sensory to the setting, plot, characture, and energies behind the wording, that the cover of the book is a perfect one-perfect in detailing the journey of. . .Thelma Lorber. Women who are truly connected to their essences of womanhood, recognize this, automatically. Truly red women don’t just dress in red. No! These dames, wear it. Not everyone has mastered that essence. Some women are still on that journey. And, that’s ok! That spiritual and awakened essence. Red has been exploited, but not always. . .worn!

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Since a little girl, it is evident that Thelma Lorber has had ample practice in garnering truth’s secrecy. What she has not had practice in, is being part of its ugly reality. Really being part of it. Yet, the way in which she reflects upon truth, shows that she is slowly revealing it. Cleaning it up. Scrubbing it away. Washing it away. As a woman, she was forced to take care of her reality. That’s one of the tragic beauties of red women. They have to navigate through red’s journey, the entire way! They don’t solely get the privilege of wearing the pretty glitters of red for enticement and allure. When women have become, true ladies of red, they must wear it all the way. That includes the ugly side, of it. And, they must wear red, to the very end of that particular journey. After the ugly journey, is when they can experience the glamorous side of red, in all of its authenticity. It is during that point, when we can receive treasures and rewards from the color, red. They are justified in such because they paid the price in sustaining its holistic nature and truthful aesthetics. And, many times you have to do the ugly work. That grunt work, of red truth. There are no short cuts to it. When women transform into red women, we become rubies, in every existence of the gem.

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We must understand that women are not always aware that we will become red women. Many of us have never even heard of such. Some gain understanding once they reach a particular barrier. There are times when the circumstance, surprisingly hits them. A test on how they will continue. Wit, patience, and skill are required. Should they choose to go down that path of understanding, they begin to know their strength. Coming to terms with past truths. It is a necessity because its the only way they will heal from them. This is also the case of Thelma Lorber, in Bittersweet Brooklyn. Women who have become red women, and who are reading this ruby of literature, know that Lorber is on the journey of a red woman, even when she does not realize it, herself. Continuing in our reading of the text, time will decide when our beloved protagonist will realize her inner, red woman. Once Lorber realizes she is on the path of red women, the reading audience only hopes to anticipate that she will nurture, caress, and protect this journey. No longer the little girl, haunted by her past. But, one who owns it. Claims it. As it has made her the young woman, that she is during that present time. That is the major task of red women, when they get on that journey. And, once you are on, you’re in. Making that pact and commitment to that Universal realm, they must garden it, until it blooms.

Let it be known that the mystery of red women, is that they choose to go through the steps of Universal mystery. Its hard work. Heaven’s work and truth telling is not easy. Staying connected to that path requires sacrifice. Yes, that may include having to go against loved ones, family members, friends, and those dear to our hearts. Those who we remember as protectors, during the fragility of childhood. While there are rough patches (“rough” greatly undermines the experience), there are red jewels at the end of the task. Our red truth, glitters like rubies! The protagonist, “Thelma Lorber,” of Bittersweet Brooklyn, by Thelma Adams, is one of those red women. By studying, observing, and thinking about their every move, we are given a taste of one, red journey. They are never the same. They’re not supposed to be, and that’s what makes it exciting.

On a lighter scale, our red women give us incite into our personal experiences. They force us to take notice of them. Its why red is such an audacious color. Not for vanity or deviance. No. We are to take note because their presence forces us to inquire into that, bold world. A world where individual journeys are taken, and feminine balance is awakened. Red women are daring. Its one of the secrets of their allure. You see, with every action of subtlety, there is a divine purpose. Red women don’t behave for the sake of getting attention, or for a “need” to boost their self-esteem. Their behaviors are connected to an Earthly and Universal realm. Those paths may start off challenging, but end up nutritious! They are vital in restoring the Soul of humanity.

Thelma Adams’ work of Bittersweet Brooklyn’s final completion says much, without having to say. . .a lot. In this setting, red comes through the eyes of a youthful, Jewish dame. A reminder that red women are in different cultures and nations across the globe. There are times when they cross paths. Its color, plus the invisible realm, is enough. Ending with a final conclusion and lesson to be taken, seriously. At some point in her womanhood, every woman will have to go through her red path of truth and rejuvenation. Healing that trauma because you had to face it again. Overcoming your fear of it, and wearing it once the journey is done. Even, if it is a short one. Once it chooses you, it will force you to choose her. And, that’s another lesson to be taken. If you choose the color, red, you better wear her, and wear her, well!

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