We’ve all been at a crossroad in our lives. Whether something financially, mentally, or physically, decision-making can be crippling when coupled with anxiety. Running a business is not an easy task. Determination to wear many hats and overcome obstacles is sometimes overwhelming. I spoke with small-business owner, Natalia President, founder of Natalia’s Magic Skin Care about her methods to cope with the anxieties of high-speed business operations. Before you throw your next frustration tantrum, try some of these stress relieving practices.

1. Practice Meditative Reasoning

In the busy world of online sales, entrepreneurs are tasked with funding and kickstarting successful ad campaigns to maintain on a daily basis. It’s easy to go through the motions, especially if you’re having a “bad day”. Meditative reasoning is reevaluating the purpose of your action; How will this action cause a reaction? Once the goal is determined, there is nothing stopping you from putting the pieces together to stitch together a memorable win. Sometimes taking that extra ten minutes to triple-check your work is all it takes to turn something average into something great.

2. Never Hesitate To Ask For Help

Oftentimes, we can get so wrapped up in our own ideas and business ventures that we develop “tunnel vision” toward asking for feedback. As perfectionists and students of the craft, we are all guilty of ignoring the essential practice of asking for guidance. Help is more than receiving back an Emoji of “thumbs up” (sign of approval); help is getting professional opinions on your output. There is an unlimited amount of value in communicating with others. Natalia’s skin care business practice requires her to answer questions, direct customers to finding their product match, and stay on top her game. The can-do attitude of an entrepreneur means handling responsibilities in a timely, apt manner. Keeping in mind: reaching out to a relevant social influencer or successful entrepreneur for feedback on email marketing, website design, and SEO strategy never hurt! Just ask!

“Sometimes it takes a bad situation to reach an astounding outcome.”

– Natalia President, Founder of Natalia’s Magic Skin Care

3. Take a Moment To Reflect

Sure, there are more orders in the backload. There are email pitches and untapped connections resting in your network. Of course, there are credibility steps like SEO optimization, brand consistency, printing fresh business cards, renewing your domain, revising your return policy, and so on. The next time you are ready to meltdown and give in to the hectic stress of feeling overwhelmed, take ten deep breaths. Step outside for a breath of fresh air. Read a few pages in your book. A popular meditation suggests that through the yogic breath, the agony of everyday tasks will become that much easier. Allowing a proper flow of oxygen to the brain helps ease thinking clearly; the healing of a simple breathing exercise is often the break we forget we earned.