Today this rhubarb plant in my garden taught me something. It reminded me that just a year ago it was struggling, didn’t have enough nutrients, needed more space to grow. Last spring I added lots of organic soil, weeded and pulled up dead raspberry canes around it and added fertilizer. In the late spring and summer they flourished! I still have rhubarb in the freezer to make pie!

The lesson of this beautiful plant is to make sure we have room to grow, to nourish ourselves in every way and to make sure to let go of things and situations around us that don’t help us grow or nurture ourselves. Let’s ponder some of the details of these lessons:

Room to Grow:

Sometimes we pack our days with so many activities and “have to do” and “should do” activities that we feel bogged down. We don’t allow ourselves the space to feel, to connect with ourselves, to just be. Only when we allow these spaces to exist, blank times and spaces on the calendar for us can we truly have room to grow. I have started to really love my early mornings. I have left myself some room in the mornings to meditate first thing in the morning, then do some exercise. This allows room to grow personally and spiritually. It allows my mind a rest and it allows my body to stay healthy.

I am also being very intentional about what I bring into my home and what I allow in my budget. I ask myself if this item will allow me to grow personally, spiritually or professionally? If the answer is yes I may put it on my wish list and make sure I have the budget for it. Then, I will allow it in my home and in my life.

These are ways I allow myself room to grow. How do you allow room?

Nourish Ourselves:

I have found that not only are good, healthy food and exercise a way to stay healthy, it is also important to nourish ourselves with rest. I have started doing weekly foot baths in hot water with some lavender or salts. I might even do more than one a week if I am on my feet working with clients a lot. I also allow myself to rest in the evenings. I used to keep doing chores until it was almost time for bed. Now, I enlist help from my family and I also put away my phone by around 7pm so that I can read or hang out with my family after that. I feel that nourishment also comes from limiting our time on our phones and social media. The universe can bring you lots of amazing surprises too! Last weekend I took a social media break and I won a raffle prize and got lots of referrals for clients too!

What is something nourishing you can do for yourself and your spirit?

Nurture Ourselves:

What is something you can do that is nurturing? What I love to do is lie down for 15-20 minutes with a hot cup of tea and a blanket and just look out the window at nature, look around the room. Take the time to feel the warmth of the tea, feel cozy, feel loved. There is something very nurturing about this ritual. It is very important to do. Sometimes I do close my eyes during this time too, but I have a timer on so I don’t fall asleep. What is something nurturing you can do for yourself today? What makes you feel cozy and secure?

Thank you rhubarb for your wisdom today. 

With lots of love,