Hello, everyone. Today, I will tell you five things that happened with me that taught me five big things.I have been making art since I was a kid. From a very young age, I started participating in various art competitions, and the number of times I failed is higher than the number of times I achieved success. But I never gave up and continued to sharpen my skills, and today, I paint much better than I used to do earlier. At the end of the day, I realised that you are your own competitor. From this experience, I learnt my first lesson: failure plays a crucial role in the process of becoming successful; it is in fact the first step towards it.Growing up, I used to envy some of my friends for having things that I didn’t have. I used to wish to get the same stuff for myself. Also, I was not very fluent in English till two or three years ago. But then, I stopped thinking about what society will say, what people will say and started practising day in and day out, and today I can speak this language decently. From this, I learnt: I should not limit myself for the sake of people’s expectations, so don’t limit your potential by thinking about what people would say about it. You might not be fluent in a particular language or you might not possess branded items, but these things don’t matter at all. What matters the most is your self-satisfaction and respecting the person you are today.It is rightly said that practice makes a person perfect. I applied this rule in my life as today, I can make paintings in acrylic, colour pencils, charcoal, graphite and water colours. Achieving expertise in all these media became possible for me only after ample amount of practice. So, no matter how many times you fail, you should never stop trying. Keep practising. If you’re a beginner, you might face many difficulties initially, but you should never give up on your dreams.And when you practice, you make mistakes, too. It is a part of the process. I, too, have made a lot of mistakes as a beginner, and consequently got a lot of scolding from my teachers and elders. When I used water colours initially, I didn’t know what proportion of water to mix with the pigments to achieve an even consistency. But later, I realised that these may vary according to the types of painting. I gained this knowledge because I admitted my mistakes and carefully noticed my shortcomings. I myself improved accordingly. So from this, I learnt: admitting my mistakes to improve myself so that I don’t repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Admitting mistakes helps you see things as they really are. Mistakes happen, but how you deal with them is what makes the difference.I would also like to add that we all should have faith in the Almighty. There might be many people who don’t have any sort of belief or faith in such things. But as far as I am concerned, I’ve got results. In times when I feel low and dejected, I bow down in front of the Almighty and miraculously feel a different sort of energy flowing within my body. Whenever I fail in achieving something, be it the mastery of a particular brush stroke or overcoming life’s hurdles, I pray to God to give me the strength to continue my struggle and never give up. I have learnt to have faith in God and now, I believe that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.I hope these five lessons help you become the person you have always dreamt of becoming. We all should remember that we have only one life, so we should live and enjoy it to the fullest. Having said this, I would like to conclude my post here.