Lesson 1

We are coming together as one, there are still great changes ahead. So do not think this is the end of the storm. Indeed the rains are just the beginning. There will be exposure of corruption, wrong doing, deceit and smoke screening, which we have long believed to be true.

Your role as a human is to become human, which means to connect, to love, to support and help your fellow humans.

This means that in business, you cannot take people for granted and you cannot treat people less than another. All are equal and each one brings a special and unique contribution. They are not Dave from accounts, Richard the Manager.

You have to open your eyes and see them, which means that first of all you must see yourself. See all your flaws, see where you have pretended and hidden yourself. See the error of your judgement of others. Where you favour the long, the strong, for who says who is strong, who is confident, who is better?

Only what you project is what makes this so. It’s underneath the layers, the promise, the expectation, where there is a mismatch. I’ll do this, but you do that, now there is alignment, we fit like a jigsaw, all the pieces are working together like a jigsaw. Working together on one level. This is not yoga, ping pong tables and fruit.

This is enlightenment, openness, honesty, stand up and speak, have something to say. Listen but truly listen to ambition, potential, skill, talent, gifts, promise, opportunity, growth, profit, passion, values, action, commitment and choice.

It’s having a purpose, seeing beyond your own limitations, no boundaries, obstacles or barriers. Rising together as one team, not a fantasy but a necessity of conscious leadership.

Where there is no need to work out how or why but opportunities are presented like an open book, an invitation. A meeting, a connection, a collaboration of like-minded leaders wanting change and alliance. A community of change.

Who decides if you are confident, perfect, designed for the job, athletic, competent? If you as the leader are looking at other people through the lens of judgement, how do you know someone’s potential.

Lesson 2

There are many people who are feeling the upheaval of the current changes. Will start to question themselves and their place. Indeed to them everything will feel wrong, out of place, starting to question the way we do things. Government, education, business, economy, because it is all outdated for our new paradigm.

Looking outside in, business is all for profit and we now need to understand intellectually how people thrive, not just for mental health, but for true potential.

This takes the one person at the top to make the decision as old ways aren’t working. It’s turning the big ship away from the route it’s followed for many years and making new waves. But first this person must understand themselves, spirit, what does it mean, connection, what does it mean, humanity, unity, connection in business.

To see differently, to spark passion, feeling, emotion, value, as one with one purpose, one vision. To imprint this vision for everyone. One goal and with this, one whole that shapes the vision. A pyramid of potential in strength not hierarchy.

Achievement with the force of everyone behind it. Not those that think they lack, because everyone must understand it. Personal, intuitive, conscious leadership. Breathe it, see it, feel it, express it, communicate it. Levels of understanding, wellbeing, wellhuman. One connected being.