Omiai Matchmaking Is Changing Dating And How People Find A Marriage Partner

Marriage and dating have changed little in the western world for a long time. Yet changes in attitude, shifting values and beliefs, have led to profound impacts on dating and marriage. More and more people are finding it difficult to find a marriage partner, someone who wants to commit to spending their life with their partner.

Changes in cost of living, increased focus on the self, plus having increased desire for freedom and “Me Time”, along with decreased faith in how long marriage will last, has brought about a state where now many people are reluctant to make that commitment. While for some people this evolution of the dating scene has brought liberation, for others it has raised stress levels, brought high levels of anxiety and depression. Thus breeding concerns over self-worth, thus self-love, and whether it is possible to actually meet a suitable marriage partner, or whether they will forever be confined to being single as their interests seem no longer aligned with those of potential partners.

However, there is an emerging answer for many people from Japan which dates back to the 16th century there.

Omiai Matchmaking How People In Japan Have Overcome Cultural And Dating Challenges

Japan is famous for politeness and kindness, people in general are very good to each other, and it is one of the safest places in the world. Much of this is due to a very long running honor system and people wishing to do the right thing. There is also a challenge with this that very few people will interact with strangers, beyond a surface level of politeness, due to lack of trust.

When the Omiai matchmaking system was first used in the 16th century it was used to match sons and daughters of samurai houses, so that alliances could be forged strong. At that time many in Japan looked up to the samurai, and wished to mimic them as best they could. As a result, Omiai matchmaking spread throughout other classes in Japan, as people thought it would be a good way to arrange marriage for their children.

Over time the practice waned, and people sought more to find someone who was a love match for marriage. Over time challenge with this has increased with population migration, and issues around trust of strangers increased. While in many countries exchanging details after a brief meeting is common for those interested in dating, it is exceptionally rare in Japan. Unless people have common friends or acquaintances, then even pleasant chance encounters are likely to remain happy memories rather than built into relationships.

As a result marriage agencies in Japan have revived the Omiai matchmaking system in the last 20 or so years, adapting it and shifting the focus to finding the best marriage matching for lost term happy marriage. Something which has seen use of Japanese marriage agencies grow during that time.

Omiai systems accounted for 5.2% of marriages in 2010, and 6.4% of marriages in 2015, a 23% increase in Omiai service use.

Omiai marriage matching through Japanese marriage agencies has helped people in Japan to overcome dating challenges, lack of confidence in their ability to find a good loving partner, and so much more.

Western Dating The Challenge Of Finding A Marriage Partner Overcome By Marriage Agencies

From talking with various clients, helping them with relationship issues during sessions, clear patterns are discernable with dating in western countries. Many are now so focused on freedom, having and doing what they want, when they want, or just wanting casual relationships. Causing real issue for those who do actually wish to find a marriage partner and enjoy life long happy marriage committed to their partner.

In many ways dating in western countries has led to challenges with finding a marriage partner which are not dissimilar from those faced by Japanese people.

Omiai matchmaking helps people connect with those who are aligned with their thinking, dreams, goals and how they wish to live their life. The biggest challenge for most in Western countries is finding that alignment, many have become sick and tired of dating apps as they’re flooded with people who are fake, or just poor matches for them.

As a result that gap is now being filled by marriage agencies which can find a marriage partner that matches well. With the history that exists with Omiai matchmaking in Japan, there are companies like Marriage Matching based in Osaka, with multilingual staff who are now expanding across the seas to help people in the US, and many other countries to find that special someone, who they can truly enjoy a life long happy marriage with.

Use of Omiai matchmaking by marriage agencies has brought about a way for people worldwide to overcome dating challenges, and find a marriage partner they really click with.

Is Using Marriage Agency Omiai Matchmaking Services To Find A Marriage Partner Worth It?

Finding a life partner can be really challenging. Especially for those of us that are seeking something different to what is in our surrounding environment. When you think of the complexities of character, values, beliefs and how psychologically diverse people are, it becomes understandable why many struggle to find a marriage partner.

Yet people seem convinced that they will just meet them by chance.

With job searches many have come to see real value in using agencies and head hunters. When looking for a home we entrust the search to agencies who know what we want. Naturally some agencies are better than others, and we always hope we have a great agency helping us find what we seek. When searching for information we use search engines to help us narrow down results and present suitable options.

The logic of getting help to get what we want is nothing new, it is just whether we can accept that getting help is a good thing for us.

For anyone who has struggled to find a marriage partner, or a life partner, that they really click with. Who resonates with them in a way that has them confident that a life long happy marriage, or a life long happy partnership, is possible. Then having help to find a marriage partner, or life partner, does have real value.

Hence why marriage agencies such as Marriage Matching have been able to expand outside of Japan and help those seeking true love in many other countries.

So, is using omiai matchmaking services from a marriage agency to find a marriage partner worth it? For anyone who has struggled to find a marriage partner, yes. Based on the results and opportunity for removing so much heartache, absolutely. Life coaching and relationship coaching both play a part in helping people achieve happiness with their life partner, Omiai matchmaking helps them find a marriage partner with far less stress and anxiety than most experience during dating though.


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