You see the population of Earth suffering from various maladies caused by bugs, bacteria or viruses, we see the basis of all suffering to be that of insecurity within each being.

Over many centuries, Mankind has struggled to survive, conquer and control aspects of existence in various forms that have either served a good or bad point in the transformation of awareness.In retrospect you can see the evolvement of Mankind.

It is very important that you all look inward to see the over-view picture in the manifestation of a new desire. That desire is to form world-wide unity in new governments, new aspects of propagation of vegetation and more.

Various aspects of communication are now becoming widely shared through news reports, as well as, insights into the way men and women have evolved to become awakened to the various aspects in the way each country functions.

In Ages passed conquerors have brought rules, education, and importantly, an awareness of existences beyond home boundary’s which, in their own way, helped individuals to become educated and supported, despite their umbrage. denial and resistance to change. As years have passed your world has transformed through pain and suffering.

Though we could speak of many examples, we recognize that resistance is still highlighted daily which is an echo of Ages past. Why must you compare what was when a new dawn has arisen?This ancient virus was once used to break down ancient history, and here it is again, repeating that lesson. Each human should recognize and embrace the changes as they occur.

It should not be seen as a pandemic invasion of life, but as a reminder that life continues, in spite of suffering, recalling one to awaken to new aspects of sharing without force, malice or completion. Unity is the key, which must evolve out of listening and understanding.

Wars are no longer a needed mode of learning, nor are they ways and means of suffering at the hands of dictators. All children born are encoded with a new desire. That desire is to find inner peace, rebuild all countries and unify trade and various aspects of the arts, from which will evolve new technologies that will make it possible for a world of peace to exist. 

Let us remind you that your world is in its infancy, and each of your are children who must learn to embrace the spiritual aspects of your nature by delighting in the ways your planet can provide for you. New medicines come from plants not yet known, not laboratories. New energy sources come from the vibration of the earth’s natural force-fields; its magnetic polarities and the echos of sound.

Generations to come will establish a unified world of peace when the last wars will be annihilated in lands no longer benefiting the whole of Mankind. Yes, their is much destruction to come, but the Human race will evolve in Ascension as generations incarnate with new DNA & RNA learning that awakens the Soul Coding of each.

Rest assured, we in The Oneness will guide and assist when each listens, learns and creates; to motivate others to listen, learn and share. This virus is simply a tool, once again let free, to bring about the changes that your world needs. When each in embodiment is united, great changes will evolve for the betterment of all. 

Worry not about keeping what was. This is a New Age of Enlightenment which cannot be suppressed. So be free in mind, heart and soul and celebrate life. However miserable, low or lost many will be in their own way, they will remind you of what was wrong.

They who suffer will stimulate those who wish for a better world, to rise up in unity and make those changes that are to come. All life on Earth is a part of this change, even when those who die suffer through their losses, others rise up in joy to invent a better world as a result of lessons learn. Thus it is the way, and will be so for centuries to come. 

Hugs Margaret. Archangel Haniel, Teach of communication and bringer of peace. Channeled by Prof. MargaretRogers Van Coops, Ph.D DCH(IM).