As I was walking today, my eyes fell on a Dobermann. So he was in the compound of the house of a skin doctor. Now that was quite a large compound where the dog could run freely. It had rained last night, and that is why some of the rainwater had accumulated over there. It was like a small puddle.

This dog was running from one end to the other end of the compound at full speed. Now as he approached the wall on the other end of the compound, he tried to skate using all his four legs. In this process, the water splashed, and he really loved that. Then he continued doing this activity.

This dog somewhere reminded me of my carefree school days. I remember when I was in school, I used to study outside during the afternoon. I come from a place where there is a lot of greenery around. So it was usually during this spring season when we got our new books. Now that period was basically a time of languor as there was no pressure of examinations. Sometimes I just used to get lost watching the trees around. There used to be so much time for self-contemplation. I used to cycle alone on cloudy days, and that gave me immense happiness. Nowadays I can’t figure out the reason why I am unable to find happiness in these small things. I wonder if things around me have changed or have I changed. 

But this incident somewhere gave me the answers to my questions. I thought why is it that people think that perfect moments have to be these pompous events, where every aspect of your life is in tandem? Can’t the perfect moment be a time when you are completely engrossed in the present moment, without being apprehensive about the future? The truth is that you have to learn how to find happiness in your solitude. A person who is happy within is a good company for others as well. The happiness that comes from within isn’t dependent on the fleeting emotions of others. Once you learn this art of finding happiness in solitude it isn’t that you won’t get hurt again or you won’t ever feel sad. It’s just that you would learn how to get up, and how to fall in love with life once again.