Q1 What is the most valuable career advice you can give to people just starting out?

I’ve several valuable career advice for start outs

§ Firstly dream your future life

§ Fulfil your dreams with your imagination vision & work with a mission to achieve the visions.

§ Take decisions on your own, don’t rely on others for your valuable life

§ Most of the people are misguided or diverted due to financial & family pressures as Funds are the basic problem for entrepreneurs & job seekers, but I suggest you to take time and generate “IDEA”

§ Don’t afraid to FAIL

§ Try New things

§ ONE Precious LIFE, think wisely & play efficiently

Q2 What is the biggest challenge facing leaders today?

The various challenges pertaining in Oil & Gas sector/Industry are

1. Industry fundamentals being called into question

2. Shift in supply-demand fundamentals

3. New trading/operating patterns emerging

4. OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) under pressure

5. With rising Global demands, highly volatile prices and increasingly stringent environmental regulations, oil & gas industry faces three major challenges:

§ Reduce costs

§ Optimize the performance of its industrial base assets

· Improve Environmental footprints.

6. Reducing costs to remain competitive

7. Improving performance to ensure the valorization of assets

8. Improving the environmental regulations to meet increasingly stringent standard

Q3 How do you ensure your organization and its activities are aligned with your “core values”?

ENERGIVO OIL & GAS is collaborated/associated with Multi National Oil & Gas Trading & EPC service companies i.e. CITAX ENERGY DMCC, UAE,UK, Singapore, India; DASOFF PETROLEUM SERVICES LLC, UAE & Synergy Offshore Pvt Ltd, Mumbai to develop the circular economy with environmental issues like treat hazardous waste, recycle by products, reduce energy consumption in the oil & gas industry, reduce operational costs & improve performances and further handhold and supported by INDIAN PUBLIC SECTOR UNITS – Hindustan Petroleum Corporation and GAIL India Limited to help the India’s Energy Independence in Evolution of oil and gas industries, Employment generation and economic development.

Energivo Oil & gas strives hard to satisfy the clients ensuring the right budgetary costs at minimum timeline with improved practical methods efficiently. Energivo encourages new/supports new technology & youngster contribution & employment generation where we deploy trained workforce on field.

Q4 where do the great ideas come from in your organization? Do you encourage junior members to be creative and share business ideas with senior management?

Our Company is not formed on random basis, we formed our company with Energetic youngsters, young motivated team under the guidance of dynamic leader Dr. Bhagwan Gawai, Where Mr. Rajesh kumar has taken charge to organize the business to play with professional Ethics.

In today’s generation, Only NEW idea plays vital role.

Q5 Can you name a person who has had a tremendous impact on you as a leader? Maybe some one who has been a mentor to you? Why and how did this person impact your life?

Yes, ENERGIVO OIL & GAS has sounding success story. Dr. Bhagwan Gawai, Chairman & CEO of CITAX ENERGY DMCC, UAE who has turnovers of millions with High reputation in International Oil & Gas Markets. Dr. Gawai, is a dynamic leader in business as well as mentor/train youngsters for their career & business. Mr. Rajesh Kumar, Founder & CEO of Energivo oil & gas is great follower of Dr. Bhagwan Gawai who taught him a real entrepreneur life, real love, importance of education, importance of society, importance of our Indian economy.

In our case, A Successful Entrepreneur trained/mentored/created a Skilful Entrepreneur. Dr. Bhagwan Gawai, was the one who helped/motivated/inspired Mr. Navneeth Rajesh kumar, Founder & CEO of Energivo oil & gas to establish his own venture in Mumbai & mentors him to execute the works. Dr. Bhagwan Gawai has a title in India ‘A True Global Citizen : Slumdog Millionaire ’

Mr. Navneeth Rajesh kumar, never imagined that one day he will establish his own venture in Mumbai, India & will be associated with Dr. Gawai’s sir ventures. Mr. Navneeth Rajesh kumar, has established his venture to support & develop oil & gas sector technologies & major oil & gas players for their operation, generating major employment & contributing to Indian economy.

Now Energivo Oil & Gas has covered vast geographical expansions with the help of DASOFF & CITAX Energy DMCC to deploy the works in any part of the world.

Q6 Tell me about a time you struggled with work-life balance. How did you solve the problem?

Energivo Oil & Gas Pre-foundation:-

Mr. Navneeth Rajesh Kumar, recently graduated Petroleum Engineer (on May’17), established his own firm in the petroleum stream, which he did his graduation. He was born from Poor family, working on daily wages on street food shops to cover up his education fee. The he understood that life is not just a bed of roses, and challenges and hardships are an integral element of Life. Since, his parents could not help me cover my college expenses in full, paying off my student loan has become an important challenge for him. He combined a part time job and full time study to earn his living and his education. He was working as food server/waiter in function, making cotton candies, etc. Even for many days he was not having food. He use to drink only tea throughout the day for his survival. When he worked at Marriage mahal, they use to offer him a food for one time. He use to get wages of 180rupees per day. Many days he use to work for whole night & again morning he will be going to college. On 29th March 2017 he completed his Graduation. Since he had have all abilities he did not get the job. He had applied jobs around 340 Companies over the Globe. Due to Crude Oil Market instability, many people got fired from their current job. Then he borrowed some moneys from his friend & went to Mumbai, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Jam Nagar, and Pune in search of Job. Then he came to know that our country is facing drastic unemployment situation. Even his friends did not have job. This made him worried & stressed. One day he read an article of Great man which inspired & motivated me a lot. The Great man name is Dr. Bhagwan Gawai, Chairman & Managing director of CITAX Energy DMCC, UAE. He is titled as “From slum boy to millionaire, a true Global Citizen”. When none of my friends & neighbours helped me, the only god that is Dr. Bhagwan Gawai helped me. He motivated me a lot. One day my thinking was sparked that to create employment and develop our country. Being in this worst financial situation of my family, it was difficult to take decision. Then he thought that if he get hired by someone only his family will be good but what about the remaining unemployed candidates. Finally he decided to become entrepreneur. Only employment opportunities will turn one’s life into happiness. He has huge technical knowledge in Oil and gas Exploration sector & he wants to contribute to the India’s Energy Independence. As A.P.J Abdul kalam said that our country will become super power in 2020, he decided to make his words true & now he has established his own venture named Energivo Oil & Gas engineering services at Mumbai, Maharashtra & Vizag, Andhra Pradesh. Energivo is organized in motto to provide huge employment in our country & soon our country will be super power.

Energivo is an integrated oil & gas industry service provider in engineering, procurement, construction & installation services registered under Indian Company Act offering End-to-End Services across entire Upstream-Midstream-Downstream value chain.

Energivo Oil & Gas was incorporated in 2017 with the mission to carry out robust services in multidisciplinary areas of the highly complex structures and processes of Oil & Gas sector and its extensively interlinked subsystems.

Energivo Oil & Gas was organized under the patronage of Dynamic leader Dr. Bhagwan Gawai (Chairman & CEO of Citax Energy DMCC, United Arab Emirates) with his vast and wide experience of 40 years in Global oil and gas fields & further handhold and supported by Indian Public Sector Units – Hindustan Petroleum Corporation and GAIL India Limited to help the India’s Energy Independence in Evolution of oil and gas industries, Employment generation and economic development.


Q7 Have you made unpopular decisions like firing employees and reducing compensation levels? What do you do to keep employee motivation enact after such actions?

We never fire employees under any circumstance, we manage better to tackle all situations.

Q8 As leaders do you create work environments that are more competitive or collaborative in nature?

Our Sector business (OIL & GAS) is one of the extreme caution & dangerous business. We are abide to follow regulated rules & regulations. The fundamental aim of systematic work environment management is to prevent ill health and promote a good work environment. Work environment management is connected to the management of the organization. Clear procedures, knowledge, allocation of work environment tasks and cooperation at the workplace are important.

OFFSITE we manage a modern AIDED environments to keep our employees well motivated & energetic.

ONSITE we are stipulated to follow certain precautions, safety measurements guided with Environmental regulations

Q9 How do you get buy in from senior management and board on your business ideas?

If you have an idea you know will work, but how do you convince other people in your organization to get on board? Getting buy-in from key stakeholders can often be challenging, even if your idea has clear benefits. Innovative ideas can seem unfeasible at first, especially if they entail large-scale changes that will alter the status quo. But by doing your homework and gathering the right evidence to support your thesis, you can make a much more persuasive case and increase your chances of being heard. Using third-party analysis and industry data is essential to making a rational, defensible argument — and that’s where market research can help take your pitch to the next level.


Q10 How to increase employee productivity? Do you invest in their wellbeing?

§ Prioritize employee health & well being

§ Evaluate their workforce & outputs.

§ To implement proper strategy for productivity

§ Invest on development programs for employees wellbeing