lessons from lockdown on time

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic has shown us many, many things.

From a painfully real life lesson on how quickly the world can change in an instant, to a reminder of the fragility of life, and a memo about how we never had control anyway – the list goes on.

We have all been forced to hit the re-set button with no warning.

No “have you tried turning it off and on again” fix, no short sabbatical, but a major, global, factory settings reboot.

For me, as I am sure for you, it has been All. The. Things.

It has been traumatic, expansive, constricting, freeing, chaotic, creative, and as many other emotions and feelings as could possibly fit into any given moment.

One of the many huge lessons for me during this time so far has been seeing how I spent my time.

Have you noticed during the 2020 life re-do just how much time was spent doing things you weren’t necessarily aligned with?

How many things kept you busy, or obligated, or under pressure?

The slower pace of life has certainly been a time of deep reflection and realisation for me.

As all the “busy-ness” falls away, and we are left with the knowledge of where we want to spend time, who with, and how often.

As the social invitations changed from human, actual IRL flesh-and-cuddle gatherings to Zoom meetings and remote calls, it’s been easier to pick and choose how to spend time with no guilt.

Time away from other people’s minds is so important – including consuming all the media, all the social, all the things.

Your own amazing, brilliant brain needs space.

Jo Gifford, Brilliance Unboxed

My gym and my yoga studio have now become part of my home.

Zoom and WhatsApp are my social lifelines as I walk around the countryside near where I live.

But all of it is far, FAR easier to step away from and to find that all important space.

As an introvert, finding and creating space is like oxygen to me.

I need an incredible about of alone time to think, to process, to re-charge my energy, to allow ideas to bubble up, and to thrive as a human.

Whilst finding that space at home with a family has been an ongoing challenge that we met with daily conversations about the needs of all four of us, space from other people has been a gift.

Learning to trust your intuition with what you fill your time with is absolutely huge in unblocking your brilliance.

Jo Gifford, Brilliance Unboxed

How do you check in currently with what you say yes and no to?

And will that change as the life ebbs back to a normality?

Stepping into your brilliance means you need to find SPACE.

Massive “I miss hugs” love,