Money doesn’t grow on trees. Interesting in how we heard that as children. Our parents hinted into the ludicrousness of our imagination. This strange concept that money, somehow was so free and natural, in the same way of the gardens we inhabited. So free that we could just easily have access to it, right? Right. Of course our parents were teaching us a valuable lesson in the context of how important it was for us to work hard and value money.

When delving more into that popular saying, is it possible that, just for second, there was a hidden message in those lessons of our parents and grandparents? Is it possible that, in that very phrase, there are subtle clues and secrets in respect to how money can be viewed as a healer to the well-being and wellness of humanity; which, in turn, empowers the Earth? Great things to think about, wouldn’t you agree?

So, let’s delve a little further into this very concept of money and trees. How does it hint to a natural aspect of money, and its Earthly connections? Outside of it being green paper, or whatever color based on its currency and printing, there is a hidden philosophy connected with money and the Earth. Much of it stemming from principles of balance and fruition; principles, in how the Earth is run.

Its for too often that money is viewed as being inhumane, plundering the Earth, and the very state of humanity. Well, if we could envision money as part of a system that operates according to the principles of nature, how wonderful that we could comprehend the essence of its true power.

Just imagine the healing factor of money and currency. Seeing finance as giving value to humanity, rather than taking power from humanity. If one were to examine natural attributes of money and wealth, how could it be established in order to elevate marginalize communities? Discovering their potential, seeing the rank of their energy frequency, and then observing how that area can continue in the development of its own wealth. Its just like having fertile land. In exploring and discovering a segment of land, one is presented with the ability to evaluate its richness, explore the potential richness, and begin the work of investing into the proper equipment, seeds, and labor in order to make use of the land. Once keen observations of the harvest and fruition are made, (through crops, raw minerals, or other natural resources), then a continued performance in tending to the land. . .takes place.

Taking this very same concept of fertilizing the land, one can implement a similar understanding, concerning using money (and finance) to heal and re-store those spaces and communities, which have been displaced, or marginalized. Taking those very same steps. Exploring the area, observing any potential, testing that potential, and then investing in it; while both groups-investor and investee, reap the rewards and benefits. The cycle continues, and before we realize it, there is improvement and elevation of that particular land and spacing. A drastic transformation of the atmosphere; so much that one witnesses radical change in the health, mentalities, and emotional well-being of those, who are occupying that space.

In this scenario, money and finance are witnessed as healers. They are healing the land. When the land is healed, so too are the people. Healthy land and spacing, which has been properly toiled, cleaned, and beautified, brings out the elegance of spaces, too often overlooked. It is the epitome of glamour and magic. Transforming supposedly miserable and desolate spaces into those of habitation, wonder, and nurture. Such transformations go to illuminate the illusion of space and time. When presented with marginalized, or “undeserved,” communities, people often assume that. . .that’s just the way things are. Rarely do they ever consider that things don’t have to be that way! How money is used is often a matter of choice. Regarding the state of humanity, and Earth’s current situation, its safe to say that humanity has used money for destruction. With the exception of few communities, businesses, organizations, and corporations.

Previously, we mentioned the realm of balance. How a holistic view of money can be utilized, in order to even the playing field. Circulating nutritious energy throughout the Earth; which, in turn, benefits humanity. Coins are akin to seeds. Sprinkled within the right areas, and to right people, metallic currency elevates the energy of any space. Which means that transformation occurs when the frequency vectors of spaces are increased. Of course, as previously mentioned, it takes the right metals and the right people to make this combustion, work.

So, as we continue to explore, and perceive the realm of money in a different light, we can look back and think about that old adage. Money doesn’t grow on trees. Hmmm. . .interesting! Yet, what if we changed that narrative in a different rhythm? What if money aligned with the growth of trees? How about we adopt our methodologies of dealing with money, in the way of nature and the ever-evolving fruition of the Earth?

When philosophies surrounding money transforms into a more humane touch, there is an enchantment, which blesses any space it encounters. It heals painful wounds, which have festered, when removed from natural, medicinal purposes. So, in this regard, money may not physically grow on trees, but their authentic rhythms grow, with them. 😉

Macro shot of financial concept