There is a theory that we choose our lives before we are born…

Up in the heavens or wherever it is that souls convene before they are incarnated, we look into our potential future life as if we are watching a movie. We may look at various scenarios until we choose the life which will fit our highest good. Then, when we are born into the life we have chosen, we forget it all.

What if this were true?

Let’s imagine a life like this.

Our parents were chosen before we were born. We may love them or hate them, they may be rich or poor, kind or mean, but they are ours.

Our parents are our first teachers and our first lessons will come from them.

Because life is a place to grow and learn, our journey will be filled with a variety of lessons. Some will be learned easily and some may take a lifetime.

Do not worry how long it takes or if we will fail. We cannot fail.  A lesson has patience, it will not go away until it is learned.

Lessons can also be tricksters. When we think we ‘got it’, a lesson may come back, disguised, testing us, making certain we really did  ‘get it’. They need to be certain it was really learned.

And they are smart. Lessons understand we may try to navigate around and over them, dig ourselves under them or ignore them completely. We may even profess that ” We got that lesson down!” when we want it to go away…

But the lesson understands until we go through them, we will not see the true gift and meaning of what they are wanting to teach us. For a lesson likes to be torn apart, dissected and analyzed. It wants us to absorb it. Then the lesson knows it is complete and the lesson is learned. It is only then will a lesson move on.

Lessons love mistakes. They understand mistakes are just an opportunity to learn lessons. Trial and error, experimentation and failing, are only ways to facilitate success, so lessons always encourage the opportunity to make mistakes. Lessons see the value of good mistakes and sometimes cheer us on to keep at it until we figure it out.

For everything in life is figureoutable

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Where do we find the knowledge to learn these lessons?

Our lives were designed perfectly to learn. Every person we meet, every situation we are faced with is an opportunity for growth. It is our test to learn the lesson.

A lesson will not come into our lives unless we are capable of learning it.

So, luckily we have all of the tools we need within our reach. For the power to create is within our thoughts. It is the paint which colors our lives. Everything we think can become a thing.

And that is why our world is a reflection of who we are. Perhaps this is the most important lesson of all.

You may ask if my life is already set, why must there be lessons?

Because a pre-chosen path doesn’t mean there isn’t free will. Our lives take on many twists and turns, which are governed by the choices we make. It is within those choices we learn life’s lessons.

So if we have indeed chosen this life, this path and these lessons, perhaps the key is in accepting the way our lives unfold and honoring the lessons that feed our soul.

At the least… it is something to think about.


When the test comes and we wonder where the teacher is, remember a teacher is always quiet during a test.


  • Charisse Glenn

    Casting Director, Equestrian and Creator of The Let Go

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