Happy New Year! Do you know how they catch monkeys? I didn’t either.

The monkey trappers head into the jungle with boxes and peanuts. They cut out a hole in the box and secure it to the ground. The hole is just big enough for the monkey’s hand to fit in. They then place peanuts in the bottom of the box, turn away and wait, patiently.

The monkies, when they feel it is all clear, smell the peanuts and start to hover around the boxes. The monkey, feeling safe, puts his hand in through the hole, grabs a bunch of peanuts and tries to pull his fist back through the hole, but can’t. He tries and tries. Stress overcomes and tires him out. This is when the trappers come back on the scene.

This is one of my favorite stories that helps create the visual of letting go. You see, all the monkey has to do is let go of the peanuts and his hand would slide back out, just as it entered. Freedom. But he doesn’t. Why? He wants those peanuts.

What are your peanuts? Food. Drugs. Hopelessness. Unforgiveness. Anger. This list goes on. What would your life look like of you were simply able to let go? Freedom.

I encourage you to look at your peanuts. For each of us these look different. But the action is the same. We can choose to hold on to these things that stress us out making us tired and defeated. Or, we can choose to say enough! I choose freedom and let it go!

I want everyone to leave the things that bind up behind and choose to live in a place of human freedom. This could be a truly Happy New Year. Choose change and live.


  • Laureen

    Laureen Kautt - Live Your Life With Volition - BCC, NLP-CP

    Volitionary Movement

    Laureen is the Principal Coach and founder of The Volitionary Movement. Her practice grew out of her passion for helping people embrace life's changes. Her process and road map assists thousands in understanding their core purpose and how to translate that to a successful life. Laureen's consultative and strategic approach to individual and group coaching is embraced around the globe. She is solicited by recruiters and talent leaders for coaching and guidance. Laureen is sought after by universities such as the University of Colorado, Denver graduate program in international business, to speak on topics such as talent acquisition, interviewing skills, and the war for talent. Laureen’s philanthropic endeavors include faith-based education for children and adults. She is affiliated with organizations that care for orphans in São Tomé and Príncipe in Africa. Laureen also volunteers her time to assist veterans re-entering the civilian workforce.