We grow into our success the moment we are able to define what it is to us, and then remove all those challenges and obstacles that keep us from achieving it. So, how can one succeed? and, what is that main influencer that will bring us faster towards it?

When you start matching up with the eyes that perceive you as the grand beauty, grand existence; that is when you know you have begun to see yourself for who you are.

There is a light in each and every one of us, and this light is the source of all good things in our lives.

We say light your candle when all we need to do is allow that light within to be. Unveil that sense of self that shines with the parts of who you truly are.

Let go of all the layers holding you back, holding you down and you will glow from within.

Let go of the thoughts inside your head that play around freely with no good purpose. Scattered and noisy like an orchestra with no tune or rhythm, tune it down to uncover that inner voice within. Let go of those thoughts that drag you to all places but that one place you need to be.

Let go of all that judgement you keep at the door of your heart always ready to shoot inwards and out. Dragging you to the dungeons of “how could you’s” and “who are you’s”; sentencing you to a stand of dullness for this law is that of others and that of ego. Be kind to yourself and do not judge!

Let go of that critic who would bring out the itsy-bitsy negative details in any of your actions and internal decisions. Not letting you breathe your true dialogue and actions into your life, putting you down like no other would. Giving you the hardest of times when things seem to flow against expectation.

And let go of all expectations, for these are the blocks that restrain your true essence as they place a limit on all the merits and the ways that fall ahead. Replace them with expectancies, let every action take its form. Let it open for you its every door and not that one that your thoughts developed. Remove expectations and open your eyes to real opportunities; Look, see and observe with your heart.

Mostly let go of your ego, not that good part of it that gives you worth and value, but that other part that disconnects you from who you truly are.

So again, let go of your fake ego, of the fire that burns all that you can truly become. When it’s put down, your light is left to glow into its full brightness. This ego is not you, it is the image of you, that mask, that shades the greatness within. It’s a societally infused bubble of make believe that can look like its serving you. But this fake ego is truly a trench that you think is there to protect you and serve you, while all it is, is another form of leash or lockdown from all that you are. It is like a high wall that blocks your light from shining onto all that you touch, showing all that you are.

When you live from ego your serving the world with the image it places you in. But, when you move with no ego you are both power and kindness. You are that presence that offers truth and kindness, you are genuinely you. Someone you would love to meet and become.

Let go of that disconnected ego that is superficial and conjuring, for it infuses a self-destruct mode painted in colours of greatness that do not serve you.

When you let go the walls come down and that true being inside you will rise to serve you. Your light will glow and light your surroundings leaving you enlightened. Your best path stays revealed helping you become that greatness that calls on to you silently in your every truthful moment.

Let go and shine!

Originally published at evokedreflections.com