I picked up my new instrument at the weekend. A handpan. 

It is the most beautiful and exquisite thing ever! 

As I sat to play for the very first time, I noticed I was getting more and more agitated. 

Trying to keep the beat. Aiming to hit certain notes and missing. 

I was getting in my own way. 

Then Paula came in the room and we started to chat. 

All of a sudden I could play the tune I was aiming to play, note perfect, holding the timing beautifully. 

The minute I got out of the way, I played from my heart. Not my head. 

I let go. I surrendered. 

Here is the link to an article I wrote recently about letting go and surrendering

It was picked up by leading mainstream magazines and online newspapers. 

 Letting go and surrendering made a huge difference in my moment of learning. 

Check out this article and see for yourself! 


  • Gina Battye

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