Do you struggle with feelings of
jealousy towards your peers and those you see on social media? If so,
this feeling could seriously be holding you back. All of that energy
you are using on envy could be put to better use. Here’s how to let
go of the green-eyed monster and focus on yourself.

Realise it’s not what it seems

How many times do you hear about
famous, rich, and seemingly fulfilled celebrities who are living
dream lives, only to commit suicide? Just because someone appears to
have the success you desire, doesn’t mean that they are enjoying
themselves – or that they even feel as successful as you think they
are. People who you think have it all may be secretly struggling with depression, wishing they could do something
else, or even feeling jealous of you.

Focus on yourself

If you have time to think about other
people and obsess over how well they are doing in life, then you have
spare time that you could be putting to use on actually improving yourself. Focus on the things that you
need to face in life, whether that’s looking after your kids, being
more productive
at work, building a healthy relationship, or so on.

Obsessing about strangers will never
help you improve your life; focusing on yourself just might.

Eat and live healthy

Jealousy is toxic. It is most often
likely to rear its ugly head when you are not feeling at your best.
You feel down and thus you’re more aware of other people seeming to
have it all. To combat this, make sure you feel your best as often as
possible! Eat
a healthy diet
, get enough sleep, exercise
often, and drink enough water every day. These changes will help you
to feel great from the inside, look great on the outside, and become
the envy of others instead.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t see
the results immediately – just continue to fight for your health,
one step at a time.

Get busy

Maybe you have something lacking in
your life a little. If you’re wondering what to do with yourself on
the evenings or weekends, consider taking up a hobby. Whether it’s
something that you do alone or with others, it will give you a great
chance to fill your time.

When you’re busy working on something
that you enjoy, you won’t have time for those envious thoughts to

Get ahead

If you just can’t
shake that jealousy, try working hard to get ahead of others. For
example, if you are jealous that a friend has a much better job than
you, do something about it. Look on job
for the latest new openings, take a training course or part-time
degree so you can increase your qualifications, and work hard to get
noticed by your superiors when the time comes for promotions and
bonuses. If you’re jealous of someone’s relationship, go dating,
and work hard to build a relationship of your own on a foundation of trust
and love.

Be more zen

When thoughts threaten to take over
your mind, simply keeping busy or working hard might not be enough to
fend them off. In this case, you’re starting to spiral through
periods of low self-worth which tie in to your jealousy and feel off
it. You can help yourself to fight these feelings through meditation.
to chant over those jealous thoughts
and get yourself back on track, and meditate before bed every night
to help love and respect yourself much more.

There are a lot of ways to be jealous
of someone, but you’ll never find something positive from those
thoughts. Instead of being jealous, be proactive, calm, and focused.
Follow these tips as often as you need to until it becomes a habit.