Got that knot in your chest? Feeling a little (or a lot) meh? You know, procrastinating, watching series on Netflix back to back, feeling stuck, moping around the house…

You’ve got a project you want to work on – application to study, a book you want to write, a business you want to start but you can’t get yourself together enough to actually start (or continue) the damn thing. 

If you can stop engaging in the following behaviours, I guarantee you’ll be a whole lot happier:

1. COMPARING (Yep, Comparisonitis is a bitch and a sure-fire method to keep you feeling small)

2. JUDGING OTHERS (Judging others generally means you don’t accept that characteristic or behaviour, or you exhibit the behaviour or characteristic but aren’t aware so you project it, or there could be a level of envy or resentment)

3. Listening to the voice of FEAR rather than DISCERNMENT (hint: fear shouts while discernment whispers)

4. Playing the BLAME GAME (you could be avoiding accepting responsibility… among other things)

5. Engaging in VICTIM MENTALITY (what about me???)

Becoming more aware of yourself – your thoughts and your behaviours – will enable you to see if you are engaging in these kinds of behaviours…

If you’re reading this and identifying these behaviours but you’re wondering, how the hell do I shift that? Start by just changing your state. Turn off the TV and on the music – dance, practice yoga, jump around. Take yourself on a walk, a jog or a swim. Get under a cold shower if you have to!

Pull yourself out of your slump because honey, no one else can do that for you!

“Pull out your pen and paper and remind yourself of who you really are”

— Katrina Hahling

1. Begin with a fountain of GRATITUDE. Acknowledge and appreciate all the good in your life and about yourself. Be specific. Eg. I’m grateful for the hair on my head, my blue eyes that see well, for my healthy body, my legs that walk me everywhere, my body that bends when I practice yoga… and on and on and on….

2. Write about everything you have achieved and accomplished so far.

3. Write out your dreams in positive, active language as though they are a reality NOW. What do you want in all areas of your life? How do you want to feel, who do you want to be, how do you want to spend your time?

(if you’re feeling really down and this is wayyy too far, take it a step back. eg. Instead of staying “I earn millions of dollars” if you currently don’t have a job and that seems ridiculous write about how abundant the world is and you know that there are lots of people in the world who were once in your position and now have millions so you can do it too. That you know you have a wealth of abundance within you to create and share)

4.. Write one action you will do today that will take you closer to this dream. One small step.

Go and do that one thing. Go, now.

Write your way,


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