Recently, I sat down and started a new project. The idea behind it surrounded thoughts on positivity, lifestyle visions and quotes to uplift. In researching quotes that I wanted to push on my first round of post, I came across a very popular Zen Proverb “Let Go or Be Dragged”.

How many of you have ever heard this saying before? It’s an old adage that’s been around for years that many may find trivial. The very first time I heard someone use it I was immediately offended.


Because I thought that it was judgmental and quite frankly threatening. Then, I realized it meant the complete opposite and that my current state of mind was partially why I was even having those thoughts.

After doing some research, I found that the Proverb means to let go. To let go of your thoughts, patterns and behaviors or continue to repeat those cycles (and continue to be miserable, if that is your current reality).

I’ve had so much happen to me over the years that I’ve had no choice other than to just let go. Today as I type these words, I am in a complete state of the unknown.

Sometimes you have to just let go and let God, the universe or even someone you trust lead the way. Maybe even let go and take a trip (like one of my recent visits to a local winery, Raffaldini Winery in Ronda, NC posted above).

Next time you see or hear someone say “Let Go or Be Dragged”, I want to suggest that you think about the areas in your life that you may be weak or lacking understanding before jumping to a conclusion that may not even exist or making a major decision that can have a lasting impact.

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