Let go

What would you do
If you let go

You know
Really let go

As if this was your last moment on earth
As if we were the only people here

What would you do?

Would you release the tension in your shoulders?
Look up to the sky and breath?

Laugh – like this was the funniest joke you have ever heard

Say – exactly what you mean?

Meaning is what we give the world
What if you let go of that meaning?
What if everything meant nothing?
Then surely nothing would mean everything?

Kissing every conversation
With moist lips
Seducing every moment
With bedroom eyes

For its never enough
It’s never enough

Until you let go

Let go
Let go
Let go of who you are
What you do
What you want
What u look like

Let go of it all
Let go of
Your very being

To become
Who you truly are