Do you juggle many things in your life? What if Joy could be the invisible thread connecting them all? Expect miracles your way when you follow that thread!

I am a person of many interests, and after serious thought about the interconnectedness of it all, I found that joy is and has always been my guiding light. I am

  • a dedicated translator,
  • an avid reader,
  • a restless learner,
  • a loving spouse,
  • a humanitarian,
  • a holistic enthusiast,
  • a nature lover,
  • a soul-searching writer…

And joy is a strong thread that interweaves all of these aspects that make me who I am. When at crossroads, choose that which brings you closer to your joy. Forget the rest, and be true to yourself! The world around you would benefit from these choices made from the inside out.

When you are shining bright, your joy expands, outreaches, and touches others. It also builds a strong base inside you for when you need to be reminded of your worth. Here’s to the guiding light of joy!

Originally published at The Joy Connection.

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