Lots of moms and dads join parenting groups for fellowship and support after their babies arrive. Only a few however, feel a greater calling to actually create these organizations, and even fewer decide that encouraging and serving other parents should be their life’s work. Erin Thomas-Walker is in that last group of special humans.

Let Mommy Sleep owner Erin Thomas-Walker and family.

After years of difficult pregnancy losses, Erin and her husband were overjoyed when baby boy Carter arrived, and then baby sister Jazmin less than 2 years later! With little family support and a partner whose job requires extended travel when her own children were born, Erin quickly learned the lesson that slaps so many of us in the face -that we’re not meant to do this alone. Early parenthood, especially the vulnerable postpartum weeks, works best for the whole family when parents have social, sometimes physical and community support.

After speaking with other moms and dads, Erin saw that her experience in the postpartum phase was not unusual; while it should be hard, many new families struggled past the “normal” point, to a place where their physical and mental health suffered, sometimes irreparably. So, after years of professional success working for someone else, Erin knew she had to use her business acumen and personal experience to truly help other mothers and fathers. She launched her business  Let Mommy Sleep in the middle of the pandemic!– to educate and support brand new parents. It’s a simple service where Baby Nurses (RN) and Newborn Caregivers provide overnight care to newborns, and education to their parents. The company also provides virtual classes, FaceTime meetings and access the Nurses to ask questions for as long as parents need.

Each journey to parenthood is unique, but for some it means being a mother that helps other mothers, completing the circle of support.