As the curtain falls slowly on yet another year,there are mixed feelings as we see it go by. Some things have been completed, some tasks accomplished, some desires fulfilled. Yet there are many others that leave a pang in your heart as you realize that they have not yet seen the light of the day.Those incomplete tasks, those unfulfilled desires, all leave you wondering where the lack lay.Somewhere along the way you realize that what got done was a burning fire and what remained incomplete was a smouldering desire.Somewhere there was a lack of energy of purpose, of motivation which led to the fire not burning completely. Actually it’s not the fire, but time which is left smouldering. Each moment when completely combusted leaves you with a feeling of innate satisfaction.Of having done the best that you could do.No,nothing is perfect but some things are complete.It is all these incomplete tasks, unfulfilled desires within you that leave you in great anguish.That leave you feeling unfulfilled.It is not that you intended those fires to smoulder,but they did.Then you begin to question yourself. Where was the lack? In the firewood?.In the fanning?Or other things beyond your control.Sometimes you can place it,sometimes not.All of our desires ,our ambitions,our deepest needs begin as a small spark.How we fuel them ,fan them and let them burn depends on us.If the effort is half hearted, the result will be so.There will be a lot of smoke .The smoke of lethargy, of excuses and indifference. You will be left wondering,” Whatever happened to that spark of mine?”.But lose not hope,do not give up.Smouldering fires can still be fanned into passionate desires.                In life for anything to be accomplished you need a burning desire.As we witness the death of a year we can seek comfort in the fact that we still have time ,we still have another chance.So often when we go for a funeral, we mourn not the burial of the body,but the burial of all those unfulfilled dreams and desires that got buried before they got a chance. So let not our passions smoulder for lack of fuel and fanning.Let our dreams and desires benefit our growth and also be of service to humanity.Let these sparks be kindled ,fanned and stoked to burn  passionately ,so that time does not smoulder .It burns.


  • Dr.Rizvana Patel

    Health in all it's realms.

    Ayurvedic physician with post graduation in psychotherapy and panchkarma.Especially interested in health and nutrition of the mind ,body and spirit.