Here the 4 top wishes to avoid giving and receiving in 2017. Let’s be honest and give up the BS of wishing upon other people what we really want for ourselves.

How about surrendering to what is?

Wish #1: May You Have the Best Year Ever

First of all, who is determining what the best is? Often, in our life journeys, the worst things end up being the best when we look back on them years later.

People who wish you the best year ever are short-sighted and have no imagination. At least they could specify that they wish you the best year once you have stopped judging your circumstances.

Really, this could be the worst year ever and next year could be awesome just because this one was awful.

Stay away from short-sighted wishes.

Wish #2: May This Year Be Full of Adventures

Not everyone wants to be an adventurer. For people whose journey has already taken them on the ups and downs of adventures, the wish of adventure may sound more like a curse.

This wish speaks more about the giver than the receiver. I say have your own adventures and I will work on having the plainest year ever.

For some of us, an adventurous year means stretching our comfort zone by doing less. No adventures for me, thanks. Plain is an adventure too.

Wish #3: May You Get What You Want

Don’t we have enough already? What is this burden in Western society to keep pressuring ourselves and others to get more?

What if the people we offer this wish to already have what they want? Wouldn’t you prefer to give and receive the wish to breathe and enjoy who we are in the present instead of continuing the rat race?

People who wish for you to get what you want undermine you. They assume you don’t have it already. Perhaps they themselves don’t have what they want, so they burden you.

Anyhow, what is the point of wishing that someone get what they want rather than wishing that they become who they want?

I don’t get favouring the what over the who. Who you are stretches you to achieve your goals. Getting what you want doesn’t make you a better person.

Wish #4: More Friends, More Love, Finding Your Soul Mate, Living Life to the Fullest

Really? Now we’re picking on people who are content with their friends, being single and their life as it is?

If you want more friends, go out and get them yourself. Don’t undermine my friendships, my love life and my life in general.

People who think everybody else’s life lacks friends, love and fullness are not really friends.

Seriously, isn’t anyone thrilled with themselves and their life anymore? What’s with constantly wishing to get more, do more, be fuller, be happier, and be more in love?

The only person you have to be fully in love with is yourself. Once you’ve got that down, your life is already full, your friends are already around you and you don’t need anything else.

Is the Glass Half-Full or Half-Empty?

People who think that life is either/or are missing the point. The glass is refillable. Life is not good or bad. Life is good and bad and all the shades in between.

Sometimes you see the glass as half-empty because that is what you want to see and be in that moment.

An intentional life is filled with good and bad. Wishing for others to live in la-la land or wear rose-coloured glasses is not wonderful. It strips people of intentionality and their personal journey. Some people struggle because they have something to learn. Some people have all they want and they are still miserable.

My 2017 Wishes to Myself

In 2017 I wish to mind my own business, live my life as I choose to and be who I want to be. You do what you want and be who you want.


Design Your Own Wishes to Yourself for any year!

Monica Magnetti is an Executive Consultant and Personal Life Coach who supports clients to cut the BS and get to the heart of personal and business life.

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