One of my language professors in higher secondary once quoted
It is always difficult to predict the way the human brain works”.

Until today in almost all instances of life, I feel I could apply this statement. We at times take pride and are grateful for being a part of that 10% population of our country which contributes to form the second-largest English-speaking country in the world. But, at the same time why do, we ignore our methodology of introspection?

In these divergent times, we have stopped being truthful.
In spite of being the successors of the ancient Indian culture which firmly believes and promotes the concept of Karma, we tend to confine ourselves to our short-term goals and choose to travel the explicated road. We wander in search of happiness, forgetting that happiness is nothing but our state of mind. In the decade that passed, everything from our body cells to the currency notes has changed including our definition of happiness, and the easiest way to acknowledge such change is to believe that change is the only constant.

It often occurs that we find ourselves tangled in threads of emotions in an enigmatic manner. We start questioning the decision that of the rational mind in an irrational state, and vow to never repeat it again.

Friends, family, colleagues, and society start to seem selfish.

We begin searching for that old friend in the same friend by neglecting the fact that he too is equally oxidized by time, just like all of us. Adulthood makes us more complex and worrisome. We refrain from reality. Acknowledge the circumstances as destiny and accept the status quo of our personal development.

Blaming and cursing becomes the game when we are ruled by dishonest policies in our job and work. Life then resembles that social media account that accepts all the random friend requests instead of hitting the “Add as friend” icon to the one we very well know.

What hinders us from traveling the road less traveled? Or to be specific what hinders us from not being able to do what we really wish and owe to do? The answer to this diversified varying question is nothing else but our Judgment and Fear. In the fear to lose a secured future, we distract our judgment of the present day-ruining our inner self most of the time. Our judgment, of people’s judgment of our choices, psychologically demolishes the dreams that we yearn for ourselves. Our judgment of utilizing most of our time for a healthy bank account can never be compensated with anything no matter how hard we try.

In simple words, this life, this moment, and these very seconds are all that matters. Work is extremely essential for life, so let us stop complaining about our hectic work schedules and be thankful about the fact that we have work. In radical times let us find suitable time out of our work for family and friends. It is for our family and friends that we sweat and work so hard hence it is equally important to schedule time for them despite any odds.

Promise yourself a short trip twice a year, because this world is a small place to cry and a gigantic ocean to explore. Work out on your hobbies and never give up on them. Cook, Sing, Dance, Exercise, Write, or Read. Do what you must and make efforts to achieve what you are actually yearning for instead of just paycheques. In total all you have is those 84,600 seconds and believe me each second matters for once it is gone it shall never return again. Learn about the market volatility and mutual funds, because rains can never be predicted, it is better to purchase an umbrella in winters as it is cheap and also easily manageable. Problems are bound to appear and make life turbulent.

Your family demands conversation about what you are up to, make sure you never deny them of it. Earning is an important aspect of living and love is an important aspect of life therefore it is mandatory to clearly define the difference between living and life. Nothing but change is permanent hence everything along with time will pass away.

Smiling in the toughest times makes us humans and making a difference for someone else no matter however small, makes our life worth it. Take a step towards being simple by eradicating the enigmatic complexities that no one else but only we have surrounded ourselves with – speak out and you will end up finding solutions. Our actions and interpretation of any situation define the state of our mind.

Anything can be achieved in a moment and everything can be lost the next moment. So this is the only moment that is promised, let’s live it and the next moment shall find its path.


  • Gaurav Pandya

    Writer | Passionate Public Speaker | Avid Reader | Foodie

    Hailing from a small seaside town of Kutch, I understand the ground roots very well and aim for the stars, and do not intend to land on the moon! Passion for public speaking and reading literature is what drives me, in addition to discussing Metallurgy and Food!