Where do we start? “The right to bear arms”, written in the constitution. But what do we do when we keep having the same outcome; most recently the shooting death of 17 innocent students in Parkland Florida? The Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Sandy Hook Elementary, the list goes on.  When will WE do something different, besides report it, and hope that somehow it fixes itself. We oooh, and ahhh, and talk about how terrible it is, and than go on the next story, until, it happens again.

The latest idea to combat this pervasiveness gun violence is give guns to the teachers. I don’t know whose bright idea this is, but in my humble opinion, not a good one. And according to Huffington Post (2014) , 72% of educators say they would not carry a firearm. The violence, the access to guns still remain . 

The actual definition of insanity is “a severely disordered state of mind.” The state of being seriously mentally ill, madness.” I see this as two sided, the one that pulls the trigger, as well as the ones who stand by and hope for a better outcome, without at least addressing it from another angle. My point is I don’t think that changing the hands of who pulls the trigger changes the outcome. What do we do?  We have to start somewhere. How about not allowing easy access to ones that have been deemed appropriately “unstable.” We’re not even talking about insane, just plain ole unstable.  How about we pay attention, and that lawfully and appropriately that allows law enforcement access to their (the unstable, or clinically diagnosed as unstable) property, an interview, etc. ? Maybe, just maybe that will be a start. And in the meantime, they go on a (or the )  list that makes sure they cannot have access to a gun, having an unstable mindset. And that they receive the appropriate help, if properly diagnosed with a mental illness. And we are proactively avoiding a potential mass murder scene, and having to witness the pains of grieving caregivers, family, and parents.

We have to start somewhere, and NOW. I am happy to see that young people are banning together to do their parts. That is the good that has come from this, at least this latest massacre, now attention is focused on the actions of the young people out of Parkland, in what has now sparked a national movement to DO something different. 

We CAN DO BETTER, WE MUST DO BETTER,  for ALL of our sakes.

God Bless!