Music teaching and music lessons show something truly extraordinary. Something that remains hidden until the expression is released and out into the world. Sure, it looks like a bunch of dots on a piece of paper, but it is sooo much more than that.

When someone moves us through the expression of the performance, it is a frequency that causes us to feel something inside. There is nothing quite like it on the planet.

Music transforms our day.

As someone who has the opportunity to the genius happen in front of my eyes as a teacher of the piano, it always inspires me to peer into their soul. I see their vulnerability. I see their fears. I see their desires. I see them overcome many many obstacles. We as individuals who study a musical instrument, learn so much about ourselves as we grow. And Grow we must! There are students who are afraid to grow. There are students who love and thrive off challenges. There are students who are in a hurry. There are students who love the slow process.

As human beings we encounter these experiences every day, if we choose to do so.

It takes so much courage, persistence, harvesting the good of the small steps we take every day. We must celebrate us. We must surround us who believe in who we are through unconditional love.

Expect the good for we are all deserving of such a blessing.

“Positive expectations are the mark of a superior personality.” Brian Tracy

Andrea Biedermann