Do you buy that? Or only sometimes? When does rationalizing come into play? Isn’t it interesting how we can justify things we do when it fits our needs?

Let’s do a little exploring.

What does “conscience decision” mean to you?

Is a conscience decision just an expression?

What guides you as you make controversial decisions?

Have you ever said to someone “Let your conscience be your guide?”

Does your conscience give you different guidelines at work than at home?

When would you justify turning the other cheek when you witness something wrong?

Does your conscience ever advise you to get even?

When does “guilt” play a role with your conscience?

Do you think that people who follow their conscience are religious people?

Did your parents discuss “conscience” with you?

Did your conscience ever stop you from swiping something?

Is all this a lot of bunk?

Can you thrive without the influence of your conscience?