What would happen if we let our guards down? The answer is more love. 

I see so many people pushing love away. When we push love away, we push our lives away. Remember that your kids are watching how you love and they are learning from you what love means for them. The way we learned how to love is not “the way it is.” Have you been paying attention to how you model love for your kids? To how love was modeled for you? Let’s turn up the volume on how we love by letting our guards down. 

I have loved and lost, like you, so very many times. For me it’s only been worth it. Pushing people away, punishing and putting up walls is painful and squashes the possibility of miracles. 

Relationships and love offer us miracles on many levels every single second. So why is it worth it to let your walls down and let love in when you inevitably might get hurt? Here’s why. 

The hurt needs to come out. The other person didn’t cause your hurt. They are helping you access the emotional gunk and emotional infections in you that are clogging you up and having you listen and love through a filter of self-defense and self protection. 

Love truly is all there is to do in this life. So often we push love away but we were born to love. Think of the first time you gave your whole heart. You didn’t do anything wrong. The way that felt, that fierce giving yourself to another, that’s how it’s supposed to be and that’s how life is supposed to feel but something happened where things didn’t turn out the way you hoped they would and you likely put armor around your heart. What if we all stopped looking for proof that we’re not lovable or that loving isn’t worth it? What if instead we realized that just because we got hurt in one moment or in one relationship doesn’t mean to stop loving as much as we can. 

I’m not saying you won’t get hurt, I’m saying who cares? You’re strong and you’ve been through hurt and heartbreak before. You can do it again. I am asking you to love with all your heart. Please forgive yourself for where you’ve been vulnerable and afraid. Maybe you got embarrassed. Maybe you’ve been rejected. But all that is just feedback helping you see how much you’ve been willing to love yourself. Instead of loving less when you get hurt, love more. 

We can’t love other people more than we love ourselves or more than we believe that we’re worth loving. You are so worth loving. It starts with you giving your all to you and being willing to risk putting yourself out there fully with the people in your life. You are worth it. How you feel is because of how limited you think and how much you love yourself. I’m not suggesting that people have a free pass to be jerks but I believe they are doing their best too. I am challenging you to do better at loving yourself and at letting yourself give and receive love. Seriously, what else is there to do?

You don’t need time to heal. Time just gives you more of an opportunity to lick your wounds. Take the time to love your way through the hurt and watch your life change forever. Watch the relationships that are in alignment with you, your life and your soul thrive. Not all relationships will make it, but you can make sure your heart stays open and that you love that person even if they choose to go away. Don’t you be the one to push them away. Let them go if you must but please don’t you close down your heart because that is a recipe for disease, toxicity and suffering. 

Love is everything. And our children are watching. So let’s set an example. Many times we love because we want something back. Instead, love because then you will know that you did. Love is so powerful. Give it away without expecting anything in return, and love will pour over you like a tidal wave. 

Most of my life I made how hard I love and how easily I forgive wrong, and yet, those qualities in me are in fact my super powers. I believe these qualities are in all of us. We fight them because society supports us in pushing love away. Let change that paradigm and love more, together. 

It’s OK to love hard. It’s OK to love fiercely. It’s OK to love, love.