Do you ever give any thought into how your inner light affects not only your work life but also your personal life as well? Let me give you a little inside information … it does.

In business, we are always caught up in the to-do’s, deadlines and other stuff. It makes having your inner light be a purposeful presence to co-workers, bosses and management a dead-end street.

This is one of the major problems which I see in today’s business world. Yes, there are strides being made where people are allowed to be themselves (in a respectful way) and have that add to a healthier workplace. In too many cases, the age-old management mindset keeps people repressed and not allowed to really blossom and flourish.

Your inner light … the essence which makes you special and wonderful … needs attention. It needs cultivation, whether through spiritual practices, time in nature, hitting the iron at the gym, or by simply practicing a present-moment self-awareness. If you think this is a bunch of woo-woo stuff, then look around your workplace and tell me specifically where people are allowing their inner lights to be brought out every single day.

The positive instances will be there, yet the negative instances probably will tilt the scale in their favor.

By the way, if that light is going to help improve your workplace, then it is going to have to be present in your personal life, too. No, this will not happen every single minute of your day. There are the ebbs and flows … the moments which can drive you absolutely bat-blank crazy.

In these moments, I do my best to remember some sage advice one of my life mentors gave me a few years ago. He’s a wise man, for sure. His words: Lean into the struggle. Lean into it … don’t wrestle with it, but just lean into it. By leaning into the struggle (whatever it looks like for you personally), then there will be a sense of balance appearing and what at one time felt like a heavy struggle will lessen up in your life.

Why all the talk about light, you might ask? Because this presence of light wipes out many areas of dark crevasses in your life. The light within brings hope and love to others desperately seeking a path to peace. Would you agree or disagree workplaces could use more of a light-filled mindset and rhythm? It’s your call.

Give it a shot, though. You have this inner light within you. It is present. Cultivate it. Let it be a guide for your business life and personal life. Lend your light to others when needed. Believe me, there always will be plenty of light for you to draw into your mind, heart and soul.

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