Are you trying to figure things out but it doesn’t work?

I began discovering my soul and true self by praying. In the midst of deep crisis, I admitted to myself that I didn’t know anything. No matter what the book I had read or how much I was trying to improve myself, none of it had worked. In that divine moment, in the park of busy Chinese city I asked for guidance.

I remember saying something like “if you can hear me, my soul, please guide me and show me the way. I give up all of my solutions and ideas of what should be as I admit to myself that these don’t work. Not for long.”

And then I began to listen. I cleared the path to guidance that all of us have within. And I’ve been guided ever since.

The guidance is always available to us. Yet we can cut ourselves off by standing in own way with our ideas based on fear. When we admit that we don’t know, we’re ready to listen and reconnect back to the Universe as I like to call it.

We don’t have to figure out anything and certainly we don’t need to be in it alone. The inspiration and deep desire to embody our soul comes in when we give up being inauthentic and control the life.

I like the quote; “If you want to make the God laugh, tell her your plans.”

We have all have similar plans like to get a good education, job, get married, have a mortgage, kids, and then maybe enjoy a bit of life once we’ve retired.

Yet what if we would give up our plans and embrace the life fully? What if we would stop holding ourselves back?

We’re so scared to live that we put off all the joy and happiness for later. No matter who is it, everyone is afraid of some things and we let them control and define the course of our lives.

But what if we wouldn’t have to figure things out?

I’ve learn that if I let go of my own ideas and act on inspiration then my life is thrilling, exciting, and I feel full of joy.

We can all do that. When you have some problem, question, or even when you wake up in the morning, remind your intention to let yourself be guided. It’s not us who have to figure everything out, we can simply ask.

You can think about soul as your purest essence that can see the things from a broader perspective. You can always turn to her and ask her to guide you to the best decisions and solutions for your highest good. It doesn’t remove all the challenges from life as we’re here to grow and learn from them but it’ll help you to understand faster its lessons and completely avoid some.

Challenges are our teachers as they catch our attention to make us learn and understand something about ourselves. If we collaborate and are open to their teachings, we shorten the learning curve. The bottoms that we hit will become less profound.

There is no other magic formula than turning inside to seek for the answers. We may let other people or books to inspire us and remind us of our potential (as A Course in Miracles did for me) but we already carry all the answers within.

Turning to your soul for the guidance is like having a personal GPS at hand all the time. It makes life less confused and reminds us that we already have all that we need.

I would love to inspire you to connect with your soul so I run free Monthly Challenges where you receive each month a workbook with powerful questions that are designed to open yourself to your inner truth.

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