Nobody is perfect. That is why we all make mistakes, almost every other time, but still find a way to correct ourselves. As a teacher, it is even more difficult to become perfect in front of your students. Well, you may be the ideal teacher for some, yet to others, you may be the worst tutor they have come across in their lifetime. 

In a classroom of thirty students, you are likely to get students whose learning styles suit your teaching methods and vice versa. The same class will also have students whose study habits do not conform to your teaching methods. It is therefore understandable that in such a class, there will always be differences in opinion and misunderstandings.

Being a better teacher means listening to the views of your students and using them to prepare for your teaching.

1. As a Teacher, Motivate Your Students

You will likely meet students who are actually from different backgrounds. It, therefore, means their traits, concentration in class, and even motivation levels will not be the same. During some days, you will find a group of students that are stressed, depressed, or just bad days. Some of your best students might drastically change and start to record bad grades and worse study habits. 

Do not be that teacher who is quick to jump into conclusions and. You should realize that before anything else, you act like their parents while they are with you. Get down to their levels, know more about what is disturbing them, and come up with solutions to their problems. If you met one that is depressed and is not interested in doing their homework, do not brand them as lazy and indisciplined.

All these negative traits from your students should help bring out the best teacher in you. Be a teacher that turns their students’ woes into optimism and determination.

2. Be Your Students Best Friend

Any healthy working relationship must be based on some friendship. At least, find something familiar you can share or talk about even if it is difficult to strike a friendship. As a teacher, the first thing you need to do is to be close to your students. Make them feel comfortable around you and continuously build that rapport.

However, do not take the friendship beyond borders. Know where to draw the line and when to be professional. Students themselves don’t like a teacher who behaves so much like one of them. Let it not be lost to you that before anything else, you are a professional. Always keep that in mind.

A healthy bond, more than anything else, should help you become a good teacher.

3. Try as much to make your Lessons relevant to Students’ lives

There no better way to teach than to engage your students and make them part of your teaching methods. Most students would want that kind of teacher that can come up with the information they can relate to. It is, therefore, upon you as a teacher to be creative.

As you teach, try to throw in some moments in their life and let them relate it to what you are teaching. Such an engaging method can help them not only memories what you teach, but also makes them like you more. You know what happens when students like you and your subjects. They will always want to do their best.

And what makes a good teacher? It is the students. How they perform and behave is a reflection of the teacher’s abilities.

4. Believe in Each of your Students

Not all of your students will have the same skills. However, as a teacher, you are still required to treat them equally. Ensure as you move along, each of them walks with you. More importantly, identify the weak students and keep them more engaged by always enquiring whether they understand every aspect you are teaching.

What we have discussed above is just a fraction of what can make you a better teacher. Moreover, the whole article has been about how to become a better teacher. I want to believe then, that for that reason, the Teacher Interview Questions and Answers would be an equally important read. It should give you a deeper understanding of yourself as a teacher.