• Working in the new normal.
  • Navigating your new normal.
  • New normal.

Obviously, new normal is a phrase we are hearing a great deal of right now.  It is my hope we are not in a new normal; instead, it is my hope we are in a transition and will have a post-pandemic status, which allows us to create a true “new normal.”  I have an even greater hope that our post-pandemic period will be built with intention and integration.


As an introvert, I thought working from home would be a minor adjustment.  I was not prepared for the level of intentionality required for a minimum level of wellbeing.  I was not prepared to have to use my iPhone alarms to remind me to move at least once every four hours.  I was not prepared for how easy four hours slipped into six, and six into ten, and suddenly I had worked 18 hours during which, I failed to eat or shower.

Thus, I hope my “new normal” does not require an electronic reminder to shower and eat. 


As we rush to restore the economy, may we not simply return to all that “was.”  May we carefully examine the “was.”  I was busy!  I was too busy.  I did not allow my mind to stop working. Ever. I didn’t provide needed mental down-time which, I now realize, is essential for me to continue to be creative and healthy.  I was not structuring my life to show that I loved it.

As I now navigate through this opportunity, I’m learning that looking forward to the weekend means more than switching from going to tasks, to-dos, and meetings.  It is now cherished time to realize I’ve not checked email in four hours and I’m not starting now! I’m learning!  I intend to take this lesson forward.


We all operate from some sort of centralized anchor.  For some it is a worldview of a Divine entity, for others it is holding a culture or other systemic representation at the core. Regardless, we have made our decisions from that centralized anchor.  It is my hope that we examine if that is the anchor we truly want to be tied to?  In the long run, when we evaluate that space between our birth date – death date, will we be proud of the anchor we used? If so, then keep doing that! If not, work to change your anchor!

While I am not in a new normal, thank goodness, I am on my way to a post-pandemic better normal.  I’m looking forward and shaping each day forward with hope, intention, and integration.  I now invite you to come along with me!