Today we are celebrating Woman’s day.

And well you might be triggered today by old energies coming from the patriarchy. It just happened to me through my ex who found it funny to send me today totally out of the blue

This video called “it’s not about the nail »

And also this article…/

Well, I just, left it there, telling him, thank God I am not your Wife anymore Because there is no reaction to have… 
And he kept on adding hahaha

Pretending it was a joke …And I told him, yup a joke you had to make today… so I was pretty happy with me because when someone comes looking for the old you, pulling old triggers, but cannot find you – that’s healing. Here ‘s my take on it.

– People who don’t want to move forward will keep blaming outside circumstances and people around them

– People who don’t want the truth will swim in a comforting sea of lies and make feel people around them small because they feel small.

So it is not a big deal, even the existence of these videos… well there is always some truth in there that’s why It works. We, women, think a lot, feel a lot but does it mean that our voice needs to be ridiculed, certainly not!

On the opposite, and if some feel the need to ridicule woman’s voice, it means that our voice is strong, which is the reason why that voice is made fun of and ridiculed. 
So keep speaking your truth with love

And it certainly does mean either that all men are like that. On the opposite, we need to find oneness to find union between the masculine and feminine within us first cause we are both.

All the men who have raped or abused women were raised by women so we also must ask ourselves how we do transmit cultural conditioning in our lineage when we raise our sons and daughters.

Bias against girls is well-established as early as the fourth grade, according to survey data released by Save the Children. How well established? More than a third of 9- and 10-year-old boys said they believe boys are smarter than girls, the survey showed. It raises the difficult question of when those limiting beliefs were formed, well at home and by cultural conditioning coming from tv, religion, media’s etc…

The most insidious form of patriarchy passes through the Mother … You might not like this # Truthbomb but still the truth …

We raise men. All of them. So we must question ourselves and the way we raise our boys, what values we teach them and how we teach them biased respect. 
Have you ever wondered why daughters-in-law are hated by their in-laws because they just see the other women as the never good enough bitch stealing their sons…

Maybe we could change a few things, maybe it is about listening without judgment a sister who will come to you and share her story of abuse, even if the abuser is your brother or your Son and not close your eyes. Maybe it is about discussing with a Friend about gender bias, or about not saying any more to your beautiful girl “ you can’t do this because you are not a boy” or not tell teach them that their life purpose is to get a handsome charming prince to marry her. Maybe it is about asking your boys to help at home because … well, they can even if they are boys … It is Also teaching our boys that they are not bad. They are not bad by design. It is about refusing to go into a war that does not exist. Men are not our enemies.

I feel that’s how we will change the next generation with actions, not empty words.

With great power, comes great responsibility. Do we really realize the power of motherhood? Of being a woman?

Men do not need to be blamed and ostracised in a new wave of feminine power who will just wipe out the masculine.


And only we women can heal them by healing ourselves and healing them as their mums, as their sisters, breaking the law of silence, by giving them enough space to be human enough and not “ men enough“ as our husbands and fathers of our children.

We can’t be the daughters and sons of the baby-boomers ( how sexist and biased that era was ?) and not be affected and not carry within all those limiting and sexist beliefs…
And it is not only the men … it is all of us.
What if the story of male oppression kept women and men BOTH stuck in shame and victimhood?

If the definition of sexist is judging someone or despising someone based on gender and being mean to them, well

When you say most men are sick, you are definitely a sexist. Just as you would be a racist, even though you claim not to be one and would say « most black males can’t be trusted»

Creating a balanced filled with grit and discernment and compassion individual is a project. It is a huge task and we have all failed as a society.

God is not a man and will not be a woman either. God is both. The sacred union of Father and Mother God.

You will hit home when you love them equally in you, from the Inside Out.

When you understand that the mirror whomever it is and you are just one

Don’t be afraid of losing yourself. Be afraid of losing yourself by trying to please everyone around you. If you love yourself enough, you will always see love in the mirror, always… it is the law of One. Do you, do what is right and vibrates love. Teach your children to be human first.

“The image in the mirror seems different 
But sublime days arrive when you know 
Viewer, image, and mirror are one: the same
Silent calm eternal shimmering.”
– Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

Happy women’s day sisters!

It is time to …

Love yourself

Respect yourself

Admire yourself

Nurture yourself

Accept yourself

Forgive yourself

Today’s the day

#nomore #divineunion