Dear Izhaan & Rayaan,

Though I am Celebrating my Birthday Today. i intentionally kept this as a low event affair, just to be with you guy and to sum up Top 10 lesson I learnt during all those years and sharing to you in this letter form..

Though you Guys still getting into formative years, will take some time before you can read this letter but I want to take this as my day to share my experience and what i believe in!

Firstly, let me tell you I love you guys more than anything in this world I do not miss any Single opportunity to say to these words to you.

Well you never know how the world would be when you grow up , but I believe something is immortal , So here it goes…..

1 ) Look for Learning, not for Grades!

Let me tell you I was never a brilliant student infact I don’t remember crossing 80% in my entire schooling in any subject, but at same time I was very curious to learn new thing and always wanted to know how things work in life and around our self , do not try to excel in each subject pick two that really matters and interest to you most and focus on that and Keep improving till you can. Remember there is always a scope for improvement

2) Choose the right Friend!

When you move up in life you will came across many people who will be your Group / Squad, choose the people who will be there for you, no matter what. I know this is not a easy task there will be trial and errors but ultimately they will find you. making good friend take time but believe once you have them this should be one of the thing you always Cherish..

3) The Biggest Investment Should be in yourself!

Always remember it’s all start from you and ends with you look after your body, mind and soul, So Eat healthy, Exercise and Pray, as long you can do this you will be ready to take anything in life that comes to you.

4) Cut the Chase!

Running after the success, or that beautiful girl in your college and for promotion you eyeing for quite some time those things that is not falling into your place these will bring negative emotion in your mind and life. And if you ever looking for answer why this is not happening to you. Believe at your age it had not happened to us either. So Give you best shot not your life for this! And time will tell you reason for not happening for you.. As famous Saying goes ‘ If it’s happened according to your wish its good, but if it happens against your wish that is even better” because something better lies beyond’

5) Learn to celebrate for others!

If you want someone to appreciate you first learn to appreciate them first, There is no more insecure person who never clap for other achievement and their hard work, So be part of other’s happiness.

6) Always Keep connected!

Always remember to be in touch with your family friend and relative who matters to you ..wherever you live, God Has not designed human to live alone in any form, connected people will always be more happier and healthy and they live longer and most remembered person.

7) Opening the doors for other!

This can be in so many ways! But share some part of life for others ..By helping other who needs / talking to someone or just simply giving some guidance to achieve their goals.

8) Value what you have!

Always thanks for what you have and value them! As there are many other who not blessed enough to have these. so Cherish it!

9) Do what excite you not what attracts you!

Life is full of surprises and uncertainties and the only thing that lives with you is your passion, So live with your passion do what make you passionate of doing it. And I promise you I’ll be first person standing next to you!

10) Avoid ‘Regret in life!

Life is short so do not live in regrets! Do what you wish for it like as long it does not harm anyone else or to you. See the world experience it do the scuba diving, Sing if you want to even you are worst singer ..Remember you doing for yourself not for others !

I will end this letter with big thank you for being part of our life. I am and always be proud of you for just who you are! And I wish all the happiness to you all the time..


Abba i.e Father in Urd