Do you notice your anxiety when it comes up? For years I was numb to it but have def made a strong mental practice to become aware of it.
When you can shine a light on an emotion is when you can change it for sure. When I feel anxious the very first thing I do is say thank you. Yup! I don’t live in judgement of my feelings anymore. It’s so revolutionary. Try it…the next time you feel an emotion and start to say something like, “oh god why did it think that! That was stupid…”
Just stop. Breathe. Say thank you. That feeling is there to tell you something or teach you something. Honor it. Sit with it. Get curious about it. From that place…it’s magical because that’s where possibilities start to appear
Sitting here now…chilling in the tropical breeze…all I see is possibility!!
Here is a step-by-step process that I share with my top executive VIP clients. It’s just too amazing not to share with you. I want everyone to take this and implement. I’m sure it will shift you deeply and permanently!
Step #1 notice what you are feeling – Say, “I notice I’m feeling…..”
For this example let’s say anxious.
Step #2 understand why you are feeling this way – Say, “This came up for me because…..”
This came up for me because I am worried that I cannot get it all done and if I don’t then I am not worthy.
Step #3 express what you truly want – Say, “What I really want is to feel…..”
What I really want is to feel worthy. To see that in full worth and alignment I deserve all that I desire.”
Step #4 identify the belief that aligns with you getting what you want – Say, “The truth of the matter is……”
The truth of the matter is that feeling anxious is not going to help me feel worthy.
Step #5 ask what would feel good to you right now. What could you believe in this moment? – Say, “Focusing only on this moment I now choose to feel…..”
Focusing only on this moment, I now get to be fully present in acceptance and the truth is that I’m always in a state of flow and ease. That feeling is in total alignment with what I want.”
Step #6 is time to activate your senses. Shift your cells so that you embody your new emotion and develop a new belief. Say, “What would make me deeply FEEL this belief right now?”
What would make me feel ease and flow right now?
Walking, breathing, light a jasmine candle, listen to a playlist of inspiring music, wrap myself in a warm blanket, sip ginger tea, draw***
***the more you can pull of your senses into this step the deeper you embody the feeling in your physiology. You want to feel ease. How can you taste it, hear it, smell it, see it, touch it?