The frequencies of regret, shame and guilt that we carry with us in this human experience, is like carrying a big, weighty, uncomfortable sack of shit around with us… ⁣

Everywhere we go.⁣

At an unconscious level, they determine a lot of the actions and behaviours of our adult lives and cause the majority of our dysfunctional and self sabotaging ways of being in relationships.⁣

Protecting these wounds that most of the time we don’t consciously know we’re running on.⁣

If there’s one way of freeing ourselves up once more so we can start unpacking this said sack of shit, it’s opening up a field of more lightness, honesty and transparency about the things that we’ve experienced in our lives that have moulded us into the humans we are today.⁣

From times where we simply didn’t know better. When we were simply just finding our way.⁣

This life experience is temporary. ⁣

We’re all going to die at some point. ⁣

Clinging onto some perfect persona or striving for perfection in a world where we are literally set up to suffer, carry deeply engrained wounds and to stuff it all up in patches is futile.⁣

Give yourself permission to drop the excess weight.⁣

Unpack & lighten up on all the baggage you can, in the most efficient ways possible for you at this time.⁣

Whether it be through looking at situations from a different lens that has never been possible, swallowing the pride and apologising for past mis-takes or simply to allow yourself to laugh at the ridiculousness of your planetary trip.⁣

Whatever it takes – Breathe some freshness into these dense areas in your reality.⁣

Allow them to move with your intention.⁣

NOW is THE time?⁣

There has NEVER been a better time than now.⁣

Chances are you’ve been carrying it all around for far too long anyway ?


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? via Akin Ozcan – Shuttershock