Full transparency, I had a completely different blog to post. But, in the spirit of change agility AND you do have to stay ready for changes that are outside of your control, I want to share the three things you should be building right now. Carpe’ diem, seize the day, or leverage the lull.

1.) Build your immunity

Eat right. I know, in the midst of uncertain times, stress eating can be a thing. I’m not saying don’t eat the mac and cheese, cupcakes, or glass of wine (or bourbon if that’s your thing); I’m saying be mindful as to why (the real why) you’re eating it and the frequency you are consuming those items that appear to give you comfort.

Take supplements. My staples for immune boosting are – OregoMax (it’s a brand that has oregano and garlic). When I take this stuff, no virus survives. If you can’t find it, no worries, some oregano oil and crushed raw garlic will do the trick. Turmeric, ginger, and OJ shot…need I say more. Feel free to mix your OJ shot with one drop of oregano oil and crushed raw garlic (if you couldn’t find the OregoMax pill). Probiotics because your gut is the epicenter of health. Oh, and take a great multi-vitamin daily.

Get rest. Now is the time to catch up on all the sleep you were missing out on because of social activities you felt compelled to say yes to. According to experts, six to eight hours is optimal to go through all the sleep cycles. Did you know studies have been done that suggest illnesses such as Alzheimer’s are linked to lack of sleep? Apparently, there are some toxins your brain only clears during REM. It’s a bit technical, so, here’s a LINK to the experts.

Now, if you’re ready for some of the best sleep ever, pop you some magnesium, 2 tablespoons organic tart cherry concentrate juice and melatonin to start catching up. You can thank me when you wake up.

Workout. I mean do I really need to add to this. Go to the park, use your backyard, join some online classes. Do what you need to do to stay active and make progress on your fitness goals. The last thing you want is to get the COVID-19 and by 19, I mean pounds.

2.) Build your business

This lull is an opportunity to grab the time you don’t usually have to focus on your business, whether it’s an idea, startup, or pillar of the community. Here’s a list of to do’s:

•     Develop or revisit your mission and vision.

•     Create SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Bound.

•     Design an actionable plan around your goals with resources needed.

•     Research methods to reach new customers. Social media is great, but there are other options as well from emails to phone calls. And, keep in mind that this too shall pass, so what networking events are the best use of your time — chambers, meet ups, etc.?

•     Keep in contact with existing or previous customers. I’ll never forget working with this firm that was struggling to get new business. When I looked at the customer relationship management system (and I use that loosely), they had done a ton of work for clients that they were no longer doing work with currently. No one was talking to or making an effort to talk to these previous clients. The firm delivered the work, and because the client didn’t need any immediate work, they closed the accounts. That’s a waste of good work. Just because your clients don’t need you in the near term doesn’t mean you should let them fall off the face of the earth. Figure out how best to reconnect, and then keep in touch regularly.

3.) Build your relationships

Set aside time for your significant other. This means, keep date night (or create one if you don’t have it) and maybe add in an extra. Get creative because they can’t all be Netflix and chill. Think about getting outside, like a picnic in the park or a walk through your neighborhood.

Carve out time to spend with your kiddos one-on-one. I have great memories with my whole family, AND I also adored the times I spent with my parents individually, like my dad on his motorcycle and my mom at breakfast.

Schedule some virtual brunches with your besties. I know the under 35 crowd probably can’t relate to 3-way and party lines, but they were the bomb!

Touch base with extended family. Family reunion season has an uncertain fate currently, but that doesn’t mean you can’t give cousin, auntie, or uncle a call

When this passes, you’ll emerge stronger and prepared to meet the new opportunities that are always created from challenging and uncertain times. I won’t belabor the point, but just know that we’re all in this together AND this too shall pass. Stay vigilant and hopeful in all ways and always.