Health and wellness are vital, but many times overlooked in our busy world. How can you leverage health to propel welllness? We had the chance to speak with Lance Essihos, a social media marketer who has had success building online businesses on the back of great content and helpful affiliate products. He shared his story and tips that other entrepreneurs can utilize in their health and wellness journey.

1) What is your backstory?

I started out as a highly competitive athlete playing hockey at an elite level. But a few bad choices along the road suddenly ended my career in hockey. While in Australia, I was living a very toxic lifestyle that took me down a road I wasn’t proud of. I was working as a bartender at the time. On top of that, at the same time I lost my younger brother to suicide and my father to cancer. All of this happened in just 18-months, and it took me on a downward spiral.

After that happened, I went on a 1-year journey of sobriety and successfully ran a bar while completely sober. Throughout this time, my priorities started to change and I decided to make a huge change in my life and leave my toxic bar lifestyle.

Now, I’m on a journey to serve people in a different way- This time as a business coach, mentor, and social media marketer helping people go from employee to entrepreneur as seamlessly as possible.

2) You have been working in your industry for many years and you have been successful at consistently performing at the highest levels. What are some of your strategies that could be helpful to tech leaders and managers?

I’ve found my stride in being able to perform effectively and consistently deliver results for my business through balanced health and mindset. A healthier body and mind has helped me make decisions decisively and thoroughly, and help me keep up with a fast-paced productive schedule.

3) Tell us something you discovered in your field that you feel we should all now about?

Social media marketing doesn’t require techie know-how. It’s all about people, and connecting with people. If you can create valuable content that trigger emotions and connects with people, you can build businesses by delivering solutions to your tribe.

4) What do you feel is a common mistake leaders in your industry often make and how can they fix it?

A lot of other online marketers and entrepreneurs get so caught up in the amount of money they’re making. So many entrepreneurs are so focused on crossing numeric thresholds like 6-, 7-, 8-, or even more figures.

Many entrepreneurs do this at the expense of their health, their relationships, and their mindset. This is the most common, and destructive mistake leaders in my industry are making. Instead, entrepreneurs should achieve a well-balanced lifestyle that supports their health, mindset, and relationships so they can consistently deliver results for their business.

Entrepreneurs that don’t heed this advice will be spending their 6+ figures fixing the problems they’re starting.

5) What’s something great that leaders in your field are doing right now?

Great leaders are achieving balance between their health, business, and mindset. The entrepreneurs that I look up to exemplify this by balancing the most important parts of their lives, giving them the fuel and energy to perform at their optimal levels consistently.

6) What are 3 pieces of advice you would give?

  1. Stay Focused
  2. Don’t sacrifice your health & Take care of your body
  3. Stick to a Daily Routine

Stay focused – its a tempting world out there. From Netflix to parties to shiny object syndrome, there a thousand and one ways to lose focus. Consider this, as an entrepreneur in the digital age you are facing thousands if not hundreds of thousands of other entrepreneurs in an open marketplace, constantly competing. Don’t lose focus, or you’ll fall behind.

Don’t sacrifice your health – so many people hear me say “stay focused” and assume I mean they have to sacrifice their precious sleeping hours to achieve success. Don’t sacrifice your health. In fact, you should prioritize your health above everything else. By moving your body daily, drinking plenty of high quality water, and being mindful of what you put in your body- you’ll be able to buy more time and achieve more consistently. Entrepreneurs that sacrifice their health for short-term gains end up burning out and losing momentum when it really matters.

Stick to a daily routine – sticking to a daily routine is one of the best strategies for staying focused and keeping your health top of mind. Every morning and the first thing I do is drink a litre of Kangen water, and have an ice cold shower. Then I will I will go right into meditation, followed by a gratitude practice by writing down ten things i am grateful for and why. After that I will go for a workout. All these these work in synergy to priming my body for the day. I then will go over what I have planned for the day the night before and take on the most important task first.