Body wisdom

A form of embodied mindfulness, Somatic Intelligence taps our body’s wisdom, helping reveal our deepest truths and knowing. And with greater clarity and understanding, we can boldly dare to embody more fully who we are.  To explore our unique somatic blueprint, is to awaken to the messages our body is sharing with us – it is a greatly underestimated resource.

We might learn over time to adapt around ourselves, and our challenges; around our addictions, compulsions, unhelpful thought patterns, and uncomfortable feelings. We might try to out-think ourselves, out-smart ourselves and out-run our dis-ease. Perhaps we get out ahead of the pain briefly, and even fool ourselves into alignment. Our personal narratives can be incredibly seductive. We might cling to our story, and hide behind the layers of rehearsed mind-body patterns, programming and conditioning. 

One way out of over-accommodating our limiting behaviors is to lean into a somatic dialogue between mind and body. To stop, pause and hear our body’s response to how we’re living – what’s working for us, and what’s is keeping stuck in our own ways.

Cultivating simple Somatic Intelligence protocols

  • Vipassana Meditation
    • Body scanning meditation, observing the felt-sense of the body from a place of curiosity
    • Harnesses self-awareness, strengthens internal communications, and attunes self-balancing
  • Holotropic Breathwork
    • Conscious connected breathing cycles, involving a ‘sitter’ who intuitively holds the space for the ‘breather’
    • Releases energy blocks, restores flow state, increases life force and vitality
  • Kundalini Yoga
    • Dynamic asanas, breathing, chanting, and meditation
    • Activates kundalini energy for strengthening the nervous system, and awakening consciousness