The global pandemic has forced millions of people into unexpected changes and transitions in the most unwelcoming way. While many have lost their jobs and others have faced tremendous shifts in the demands of their roles, everyone is experiencing a different world than the one we lived in just a few months ago. Lives have been flipped upside down, routines have been dramatically altered, and the world, as some might see, appears to be experiencing a wake up call. So how do we cope and how do we adapt when so much seems to be out of our control?

We focus on the things we can control. We focus on the things that are meaningful to us. We focus on doing.

Below, I share my client’s story in hopes that it will shed light onto how we can all cope with new transitions and maintain our wellbeing while doing so. While each of our stories will unravel in unique form, we collectively — an entire world of people — must deal with the cards we have been dealt.