I have lost great ideas and watched many of my dreams die painful, premature deaths because I was too afraid to even try. When I was in school and tried to do some businesses, the critic in me saw the problems wrong with the business ideas and, the pessimist in me gave me a thousand reasons why the business would die (while showing me the possibility of me losing the little savings I had)

What if people did not like the product or service I wanted to offer? That aside…were they even looking for my kind of product/service or… was I simply imagining it in my head that they definitely needed what I had to offer?

All the negatives quickly showed face and worked hard to effectively smother the dreams to death and bury them before they even had a chance to breathe.

Funny thing is… after that idea had been successfully killed by my inner critic and pessimist, someone else did it and… you can imagine the result. It caught like wildfire and the person made crazy money while I silently mourned the death of another great idea.

Truth is this… fear is the biggest enemy of your success and you can rob yourself of greatness by doubting your chances.

The book – in which these lessons were first written – was written on a whim. The title came in a eureka moment and, I honestly had little idea what it should contain but, once I created the first page and wrote the headline for the first lesson (which I have had to tweak again and again), a content map showed up out of nowhere and the ideas came flooding in.

No matter how bad this looks to you, there’ll be definitely something for you to learn and that is all that really matters- movement and new knowledge (no matter how little)

So… if this book does not sell, I wouldn’t lose anything really (trust me, the time spent writing it was well-spent) and if it does hit (which I am hoping it does), I would have created a goldmine for myself and helped thousands (maybe millions) of lives.

What am I saying?

Action will always have its rewards –whether tangible or intangible. It might be immediate, it might be delayed, it might be obvious, it might almost be insignificant but… there is ALWAYS a reward

Even the experience gained in taking action is in itself, a REWARD.

‘Truth is this… fear is the biggest enemy of your success and you can rob yourself of greatness by doubting your chances.’


  1. What dream have you abandoned because of fear?
  2. What would it cost you to act on it?
  3. Can you damn the consequences and take a swipe at it?