I got a text this morning. It was from Byron. He’s one of the four amazing people I met at Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within in July 2017. It’s been a year since my first immersive personal development seminar. And what a year it’s been. I’ve accomplished more in the last 12 months that I have in the collective span of my entire lifetime. And I got married (2016) and graduated college (2005)! It technically took me almost 8 years to get married and GASP the same amount of time to graduate from college (that is an entirely different essay). And I absolutely know why I have done more in 12 months than I had in 12 years…because Byron keeps texting. Because I have thoughtful, powerful, impactful, willful people around me that think, no, KNOW, that I am thoughtful, powerful, impactful and willful, too. And those people remind me daily. I am certain that not a day has gone by that our text chain, that started on July 20, 2017, hasn’t shown up for each of us with an image and message of motivation, support, belief, kindness and just plain love (you don’t have to do anything to earn it). I have so much gratitude for these four powerhouses. These four witnessed me completely unravel and be my total self and I was met with the open arms of total support. If feelings of ‘not enough’ crept up, I got an ‘F that’ and a high five and we moved on, TOGETHER. I used to observe people and in response, act in a way that I thought would get them to like me, completely losing myself in the process. These four liked me for just showing up. Heck, I am pretty sure they would have liked me even if I didn’t show up. No judgement. No expectation. Just holding space for me (for each of us, but look, I am writing this essay, ok?). They taught me how to do this for myself each day and how to share this with everyone else.

As each day passed and each text message was read, amazing things started happening. We all set a new standard. We said NO to more things. We said YES to more things. We KNEW THE DIFFERENCE! (If it’s not a Hell YES! It’s a HELL NO). We took up for ourselves and each other. Things that needed to be let go, were let go with ease and grace. Businesses were shuttered. Business were built. Our voices were being cultivated and heard in our families and in our communities. One of us found we can read energies. Another finally stood up to their family and friends once and for all. We have birthed a politician serving their community, a lawyer for the underserved and a coach helping to teach others that there is joy to be found in just about everything if you look in the right places (spoiler alert: it’s all inside of you!). There is so much that we already possess as humans that we can learn from each other and share with each other. We just can’t keep this to ourselves. The daily actions with high vibe believers can really take your life to a whole new level. As Tony says, “Proximity is Power”. Just knowing that these four souls exist in the universe gives me strength, no matter what, that we will hold each other up AND hold each other’s feet to the fire.

I didn’t necessarily know what I wanted to change when I first attended Tony’s Unleash the Power Within, I just knew something needed to change (I DID NOT FEEL GOOD) and that I was willing to take a look and see what that was. In July 2017, I figured I would find out that I needed to change where I lived or what job I had or where I was hanging out and what extracurricular activities I was engaging in. Those were definitely why I wasn’t feeling fulfilled in my life, right?! Damn them for making me feel unwhole. In July 2018, I know that those external things were actually never going to change or matter until I did the internal work to get clear on where I was, where I wanted to go and what was keeping me from getting there. What did I need to get rid of internally and rewire internally to achieve my dreams? Er, what were my dreams? I shared all of this with them. With my four fellow soul-diers. At the beginning, I figured they would all look at me and smile and then later be like, WHO DIS? Nope. When I shared, they lit up and had some of the same fears, limiting beliefs and incongruent thought patterns that I did. These were self-made, incredibly accomplished individuals that felt the same as me! They empowered me to continue on and to do the work. And they showed up for me each day to remind me they were there (also doing the work) and if I needed anything to pick up the phone. Its ok to need each other. It doesn’t mean you are weak.

After all of this reflection, I pulled out my workbook from Unleash the Power Within and while there were many things that I was like, WHO WROTE THAT?, this one made me pay attention.

“I only care about being liked, not who likes me”

This cut me to my core. #Gettingrealforasec – I used like men who liked me. It actually didn’t matter much who they were sometimes (again that’s another article!). I overcame those toxic boy issues a long time ago when I met the man of my dreams and married him in August 2016. However, this limiting belief was still popping up in other places (work, friendships, family) and I needed to take a good hard look at this. I needed to honor myself and surround myself with quality people who loved me. And recognize the amazing people that have been with me unconditionally. Not just follow who I needed to love me or how I needed to be liked at the time. I actually needed to love me. Gawd, I needed to like me (I like all of my own social media posts now btw). Your love comes from within you. You get good in there and everything out here falls into place. You suddenly know, without a doubt, what and who to say yes to and what and who to say no to. And your whole life expands. FAST. In about a year if you’re lucky!

If you read Part I of my Tony Robbins essay you know I fell in love with myself finally. I experience so much joy in this new love for myself each day.

Here are some of the other big deal things I accomplished since July 2017:

  1. Officated my 2nd wedding

  2. Hired a high-performance results coach

  3. Ran a successful events planning side hustle

  4. Moved into a penthouse apartment with the loves of my life (Hubs and Dog!)

  5. Got a huge raise at work

  6. Started working with a network marketing empire

  7. Wrote this article (among others!)

  8. Made 750 new friends on Facebook – WHOA – I have the highest vibe feed!

  9. Launched my website and blog

  10. Started my coaching business

  11. Attended 3 large scale personal development seminars

  12. Graduated from 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

  13. Led meditation circles for entrepreneurs

  14. Went on a 22 day, 5,200 mile road trip with Hubs and Dog (last minute change of plans that the airline happily refunded all of our money for our plan tix – HELLO UNIVERSE!)

  15. Wrote 3 of my own personal development programs!

  16. Deepened my own daily meditation practice

  17. Initiated ‘The Artist’s Way’ and morning papers have changed my life!

  18. Attended Open Center courses on Spirituality

  19. Developed a regular Seva (Volunteering!)

  20. Joined a women’s empowerment group

  21. Travelled to Alaska for 14 days (un-freaking-real)

  22. Work-from-home with my Hubs and Dog! (clearly this one is my favorite!)

Maybe I should have titled this essay 22 things I did in 12 months? 


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