Life change and maintaining a positive focus can hit challenges.

When everything in your life is going smoothly, changing your life can both feel, and be, easy.

There are times when you fail to be ready for things. And can feel broadsided by what your life throws at you. These are things where you can really test your ability to stay positive. And committed to the path you have set yourself on. To the life change, you have said you are committed to.

Life Change Tip That Has You Side Step And Power Forward Like Never Before

Sounds like a magic wand is about to be waved.


Well, it is! And you are going to get the guidance on how to wave it for yourself.

While you are in the midst of whatever argument, overwhelming conversation, or disciplinary action you are facing, the best you can do is just smile. On the inside at least, take on responsibility. And allow the situation to flow through.

This tip is for immediately after that incident has occurred. Why?

Because you need to have mental and emotional room. You are about to effect a technique which causes some concentrated action to change your life. And freedom within mind and body enables you to flow with this technique with greater ease.

Especially when you first start.

Later on, you may well take this technique to the point where you can use it in the middle of the things you experience in your life.

For now though, you would do well to give yourself some room.

Change Your Life In 30 Seconds In A Way That Empowers You With Positive Feelings

You have your dreams and your vision of life. You know full well the reason you are wishing to change your life, and exactly what you are working on changing your life into being.

That image is important here.

And you are going to pair it with something else to power it, and importantly, its effect on you, up.

You are going to be doing what is called ‘Ha’ breathing. And as you do so, transforming your mind and emotional state into one of positive empowerment and belief about who you are. And what you are doing with your life.

Ha Breathing And Change That Bring Inspirational Shifts To Your Life In Seconds

Practising Ha breathing is incredibly simple.

It is also incredibly powerful.

Ideally, you are sitting, though standing is OK, to perform this life-changing technique.

Just breathe in through your nose, pause, then out through your mouth. Your exhale being twice as long, as your inhale. While you are breathing out, you are also making a long continuous ‘Ha’ sound. Check the video on Ha breathing so you can get real clarity and empower yourself to get the best of this life-changing technique.

So if you breathe in for a count of two, then pause and breathe out for a count of four whilst making that all important, Ha sound. Then pause before repeating.

As you do this, you will feel a change within you.

Your energy raises up. You begin to feel progressively lighter. And you flow into the state of calm that is naturally you.

Usually, you would hold your focus on your solar plexus, and flow the energy there.

We are about to ramp things up in different, yet in an amazing way though.

Amazing Psychology Change That Makes You Feel Your Dreams Come To Life Again

This is where your confidence in your dreams, and achieving them, comes back to life again. And all as you breath. The effects of this are beautiful, on life and life quality, and the fact this all happens within 30 seconds is a testament to your ability to overcome anything in your life.

Having taken a little time to practice Ha breathing you now know exactly what to do. Or how to breathe for this technique anyway!

So now, give yourself that 30 seconds.

Close your eyes, bring your dreams to mind, and breath.

As you flow through the Ha breathing technique, focus and concentrate on your dreams and your vision.

Feel the energy flowing into them again. Feel the positive shift within you as this happens. Allow yourself to smile and radiate with light as your energy shifts ever higher. And you resonate on a deep level with your dreams.

Keep flowing through your breath. Every round of Ha breathing creating ever more positive change within you. Feel your life transforming, feel as you are changing your life.

Just from focusing and breathing.

Breath Energy Into Changing Your Life And Achieving Your Dreams Daily

This amazing, yet simple, life change technique is incredibly powerful post interaction with negativity of any form

It is also exceptionally powerful when just used regularly on a daily basis.

Life change is an organic thing. Something you may well have heard me say, or read in one of my articles before. The life that is encompassed by your dreams requires changes in order to flow into reality.

And in that everything is made of energy, and your thoughts about it.

Taking time to breath positive energy into changing your life, on a daily basis.

Can do you an amazing amount of good.

Change Yourself Daily By Empowering Positive Psychology For Changing Your Life With Ease

So I invite you to seize the opportunity to empower yourself. Flow through, breath energy and change into your life with this 30 second life change technique daily. And see the amazing things that it brings into your life as a result. For something even deeper, I invite you to empower yourself in changing your life even more through reading Life Unleashed. Change your life at will. Change it to a Surging Life, now.


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