Life changes quickly, whether we want it to or not. Sometimes change starts imperceptibly, sometimes with the fires of life that burn everything to the ground so you have to start anew.

This is why we practice.

It’s easy to get caught up in the chaos, or drama, or pain, or heartbreak, or emptiness, or algorithms, or happiness, or whatever you think is your big breakthrough, breakdown, or break-up and think it will last forever. But, it won’t.

This is why we practice.

I know it sounds trite, but “this too shall pass” or “this won’t last forever” is always going to be true. The only guarantee in life IS change.

The choice you have is how do you want to get through the passing? How do we become resilient enough not just to survive, but to thrive?

How do we move with the current of our own soul and not fight with Life?

The ONE THING that will save you, that is a constant, that isn’t going to leave you is the relationship you have with yourself.

YOU — your Truth, your connection with your heart and with your center makes the changing tides of the unpredictable and unreliable world more tolerable, more peaceful, and dare I say it, a little more purposeful.

All “working on yourself” really means is seeing your responsibility amidst the chaos.

When we see how we are the vortex our life’s experiences are being birthed through, even if it’s just our experience of our experiences, then find a way to be more honest, more gentle, more open, more loving, and more compassionate with ourselves, we can then perhaps find some solace in knowing that each moment is divinely timed to usher in new deaths and rebirths; new downloads of truth and intimacy with ourselves.

This is why you practice.

If we can honor the unique invitations the Universe sends our way while still showing up from our wholeness and from our desire, we can move with the organic material of life with less resistance, more trust, and more ease.

Your power, your center, your wholeness, and self-love are not a “get out of jail free pass;” they won’t make you immune to being human, it just makes the ups and downs of life  the deaths and rebirths — less off-centering.

This is why you practice.

Everything is meaningful. The trick is not in “trying to figure it out,” but in learning how to more completely be with ourselves — and then show up, take a stand for what’s good and right and pure and nourishing while seeing your responsibility.

So my offering to you now is to click the real-life “like” button on your life. Like, figure out a way to fall in love with your Wholehuman™ self. Not with the image or persona that society has told you, you should be; not with where your mind tells you should be to be more successful or valuable or lovable. Not with the specifically curated filtered lives of someone you follow on social media. Because all of that is crap.

This is why we practice.

Life is naturally rhythmic. There are seasons of the soul just like there are seasons of nature.

All periods of loss and contraction and death are getting you prepared for expansion.

I screw up a lot, still. But I practice.

And while it can seem like the seasons of destruction or voids or learning or healing are taking forever, baby, you are the only thing you’ve got for sure for sure, and to take another breathe and not deeply enjoy it, or yourself, or to self-abandon another day is like scrolling through the filters of social media and wishing someone else’s life was going to magically show up for you.

Not everything is going to go as planned. Not every endeavor is going to work out. Not everyone is supposed to like you or love you for forever and ever.

Permanence is an illusion that makes us complacent, makes us grasp, or makes us take things for granted.

It’s not the world’s job to make you feel safe or to show up for you.

That’s your job. Speak your truth out loud. Stake your claim. Show up. Take up space. But mostly practice.

Keep coming home to your heart, because that’s when life becomes magical.

This is why we practice!